Outriders WorldSlayer the best devastator assemblies

In this leadership of Outriders Best devastator Builds, we will introduce you to the best assemblies for the Devastator class in Outriders, which includes a breakdown of class skills, the best mods of armor and weapons.

Outriders WorldSlayer Best Devastor assemblies

The devastator is one of the strongest classes in Outriders. The devastator is an extremely tenacious class that controls earthen abilities.

This class has some crazy protective abilities, but also has surprisingly good attacking abilities. This makes devastator a truly powerful and balanced class, and it can be turned into an irresistible force if you create the right build for it.

To help you with this, in this leadership we will introduce you to the best assemblies for the Devastor class.

But before we do this, let's take a look at the eight skills that this class possesses, and a tree of skills so that you can better understand the assemblies.

Elepenser skills

Valun *: The devastator rushes straight ahead, interrupting all opponents in his path and causing damage to them. At the end of this movement, you break the earth and inflict damage in the square. Earthquake : produces a shock wave, which inflicts 85 units of damage to the affected targets and interrupts the action of all opponents in front of the devastator. Infinite Mass : concludes the target to the stone, causing damage from bleeding. This technique also attracts other enemies in a certain radius to the st1. Then the stone explodes, inflicting damage to all of them. Golem *: increases the resistance of the dropout by 65% by 8 seconds. Strength of gravity jump : the devastator jumps into the air and remains in the air for several seconds. While in the air, the devastator can aim at the enemy and re-use the ability to bring down a blow to him, inflicting seismic damage to the region and interrupting all enemies in a certain radius. Pierce : interrupts the skills of the goal and causes her bleeding. Then the goal is piercing if the damage is fatal, creating a zone for the devastator, which gives a bonus to restore health and armor to all allies within the limits of its reach, for nine seconds. Reflect * bullets : creates a barrier that protects the devastator from all enemy shells and absorbs all incoming damage. After 10 seconds, the damage, absorbed in the shield, is reflected back to the enemies in front. Tremor *: causes a series of explosions next to the devastator who cause damage and deplete the health of opponents who are within its reach.

Tree of devastator skills

Devastor class skills are divided into three sections: Vanquisher, Warden and Seismic Shifter.

  • The conqueror section is focused on increasing the damage, accuracy and speed of reloading your weapons.
  • The guard is more focused on protection, mainly on the restoration of your health and armor.
  • SEismic shifter section allows you to strengthen your abnormal strength and make you more resistant to negative status effects.

Access to a completely new PAX skills can be obtained after reaching the 30th level. As well as to the tree of the basic game skills, they can also be dropped.

Two new wood skills have appeared in Outriders Worldslayer.

  • Pest
  • Tectonic shift

Below are some of the best assemblies for use with the Devastor class in the initial, medium and final game Outriders.

Assembly of the Ambroofor anomalies

This build was created for late players in Devastator, who strive for survival and damage at the same time.


Skills you want to use for this assembly:

  • Golem
  • Reflection of bullets
  • Gravity jump

The skill gives you 65% of the resistance to drop by 12 seconds. The modifications that you are going to use will significantly increase the duration of this effect, and will also cause bleeding in goals. This will keep you in strengthening almost all the time, and will also force you to constantly apply for enemies damage from bleeding.

Reflect Bullets will do about the same as Golem. You will impose bleeding on enemies, and you will also be protected from their attacks.

The gravitational jump works great with the goal, as you can activate the effect of resistance to the damage of the golem while in the air.

Modifications of armor

Below are fashion that you should strive for in your armor.


Absolute Tepes *: The skill Piercing can be activated 2 more times before reloading begins. Heritage of Thunder : You are charged with abnormal lightning, which every 8 seconds inflict 3 enemies in a radius of 10 meters. He has an eight-second kuldown. Euthanasia : inflicts more damage to enemies, affected by the status toxicity.

Breckfold armor

Weapons and anomaly *: Critical shots increase your abnormal strength by 6 seconds. It has a rollback of six seconds. Heritage of the Earth : increases the range of skill Earthquake by 60%. Captain Hunter : Increases your damage against the elite.


Foot armor

spoiled blood *: increases the damage caused by the enemies affected by bleeding. Crushing of the Earth : increases the damage from the skill of earthquake. Freezing : increases your damage against enemies with frost.


despair *: enemies in the radius of the defeat of the gravitational jump will receive 2 times more abnormal damage for 5 seconds. Blood impulse : increases your damage against enemies affected by bleeding. The assimilation of force : increases your abnormal power for each elite present on the battlefield.


An additional earthquake *: Earthquake skill can be activated once before the recovery time is activated. A ghostly jerk *: Your throw by default is replaced by Phantom Dash, which allows you to quickly pass through the enemies.


There are two weapons that you will use to use the assembly correctly.

Complete zero

Absolute freezing bullets *: freezes enemies. It has a kuldown at 1 second. Absolute toxic bullets : poisons enemies. It has a kuldown at 1 second. omen : shots launch an anomalian shell that breaks the shelter, which causes the status of bleeding and causes damage. The applied status increases the resulting damage by 10% by 3 seconds. It has a 4-second kuldown.


Absolute stormy whip *: shots are brought down on the enemy lightning, causing damage. It has a 3-second kuldown. Claymore torrent : shots are damaged by 4 enemies within a radius of 6 meters, and the blades of the anomalies cause damage. It has a 2-second kuldown. Cutting Twister : Successful shots create the effect of tornado, which lasts 6 seconds and causes damage every 0.5 seconds. Tornado over time becomes more. It has a 6-second kuldown.

Ascension Tree

As for the Ascension tree, you must focus on anomalies and later, skill.

For an anomalies tree, you will focus on

  • Abnormal force
  • Resistance Pierce
  • Status power
  • Abnormal damage

For a tree of valor, you will focus on

  • Reduction of reloading
  • Damage against elites


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