Lost Ark: Every little thing regarding the new Arcana course that will be launched this week

With the huge July upgrade, the new class Arcianist (Arcana) is launched. In this tiny introduction we reveal what the class is as well as what you can eagerly anticipate.

What is behind the Arcana? The Arcian is one of the magician courses as well as has a medium variety. As a weapon, she utilizes a Tarot card deck as well as nearly none of its capability has a result time. Furthermore, there is a high rate of strike, which makes the arcanic an extremely fun as well as active magician.

The skills of the course are divided into 3 groups:

When does the arcanist show up? She will certainly be launched with the following big update on July 20th. This spot likewise includes a brand-new level of problem for Valtan, a brand-new summertime event as well as brand-new skins.

  • Blue: When heaven skills hit a beast, leave one or more cards on it, ie stacks. An opponent can have four stacks at a maximum. You are consequently likewise called stacking skills.
  • Red: Red skills liquify the stacks and also cause damage. The even more stacks a challenger is, the greater the reward damage. These skills are called Ruins Skills.
  • Yellow: The yellow skills function without piling auto mechanics and also, most importantly, make sure good AoE damage as well as a little group control.

This combination of the building of stacks as well as the triggering of the stacks make the arcanic really strong, however likewise requiring. Additionally, there is a tiny arbitrary aspect using the class-specific peculiarity that can affect the maximum damage.

_ Gameplay to the Arcana you can watch in this video clip: _

very easy to discover, challenging to master-and also then joy is in the game

What class-specific capability does the Arcian have? Due to attacks, you build a source.

What effect it is depends on the drawn card and these are identified by coincidence. The Arcana is consequently partially based on joy in its damage.

There are a total of 12 cards as well as you open one more through the class engravings. Possible results are:

In your build while leveling, you concentrate on the qualities Krit and nimbleness to obtain the maximum out. Later-depending on the build-it is also used for field of expertise and also Krit.

How is the access with the Arcana? very great.

For elite opponents and also bosses, the Arcian then has her red ruin skills that cause a great deal of damage to an objective. The blue skills for building stacks additionally always have a movement element, which makes you very mobile.

  • For 30 secs, your attack rate is raised by 3 % through each strike
  • Your damage is raised by 40 % 4 secs
  • Your movement rate is raised by 20 % for 16 secs as well as you can go through challengers
  • Your-10 % Cooldown and +20 % Manarregeneration have 30 seconds
  • The following capacity you utilize has a 100 % minimized Cooldown

At the beginning, the Arcana has high AoE damage, excellent CC, activity skills as well as likewise good damage to specific locations.

The most important card is emperor. You only open this with an inscription. When activating, it causes a great deal of damage within a radius of 14 m around you.

_ A few weeks ago the Juni update with the new Raidboss Vykas: _

strong in damage as well as strong in the PvP-if you can

With the large July upgrade, the brand-new class Arcianist (Arcana) is launched. What is behind the Arcana? The Arcian is one of the illusionist classes as well as has a medium range. Just how is the entrance with the Arcana? ** Is the Arcana great in the PvP?

What do you say concerning Arcana? Are you eagerly anticipating the launch of the course or would you have liked to obtain another? What do you specifically like or otherwise in all? Like to create it in the comments. The most current course Aeromancer was last launched in Korea: Lost Ark shows the next course in Korea-uses a huge umbrella and weather magic

However, in the endgame, the arcanist maintains her high flexibility and also fun aspect.


Is the Arcana great in the PvP? Yes. Right here, as well, she gains from the high flexibility as well as the damage that she can particularly trigger an opponent with stacking technicians.

In enhancement, you need to have internalized the stacking auto mechanics in order to stay on top of other classes in the PVE. There are various combinations and also strategies here. There are a variety of video clips from Highlevel players from Korea who disclose their techniques.

How does she play in the endgame? Below the entire thing comes to be a little more complex. Since the Arcana has little defensive and also life points, brings little assistance for the group and their damage is a little depending on the identification cards.

You can locate a detailed overview to all skills and unique functions of the Arcana from the Erucafurukawa player in the Lost Ark discussion forum.


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