Lineage W, 'Berserk' collaboration content update

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek-jin, NC) 's multi-platform MMORPG Lineage W has updated' Berserk 'collaboration content on the 6th.


Berserk is the work of Kentaro Miura. It is a dark fantasy that depicts the magnificent life of the protagonist, Gatsu, on stage in the world where swords, magic, and monsters exist. NC (NC) plans to collaborate with various global IPs, starting with Berserk.

NC (NC) updated the dimensional niche, which connects Lineage W and Berserk. The user will conduct a quest for 'dimensional niche' with the call of Lineage W. In the process, you can cooperate with Berserk characters such as 'Gatsu', 'Surke' and 'Serpico' to see the original story.

'Naps of dimensions' can be entered until 26th characters with level 30 or higher. If you kill monsters such as 'Black Monster', you will get a petition of niche. Event items can be exchanged for 'weapons/armor magic spells (engraved)', 'rare weapons/armor production secrets (engraved)', and 'Fairy powder (event)'.

Lineage W shows Berserk's character in the form of skin. The user will hold an event quest every week until the 26th, and will be able to obtain transformation/magic doll skins of major characters such as 'Gatsu' and 'Park'. It can also be replaced with the 'peak of niche' collected in the 'niche of the dimension'. Skins such as Gatsu (Berserkers), Sirke, and Isidor can be purchased in the game stores.

NC (NC) will hold the 'Attendance Check 21day'S-TJ' s Sweet Coupon III 'until August 3rd. The user can get 'TJ Coin' as a reward on the 8th, 14th and 21st. TJ Coin can be replaced with three types of TJ ’s Sweet Coupon III in the in-game store. Coupons can be re-challenged to transform/magic doll synthesis and recovers more than rare rates (weapons, armor, ornaments) that failed to reinforce.

Lineage W opened a new studio W. The company plans to deliver updates and events through 'Studio W' and will expand communication with users.


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