Genshin Impact Heizou builds the most effective artefacts, weapons and more

If you want to understand just how you ought to develop the personality, this article will cover you. Continue reading for all Genshin Impact Heizou Develops the most effective Artefacts as well as Defense Skill Top Priority and much more.

Heizou is a four-star personality as well as belongs to the Tenryou Commission, where he works as an Inazuman investigative. Heizou deals Anemo damages primarily with his range of capabilities and abilities that can launch challengers and also maintain them stunned. In addition to these standard strikes, he is capable of both dealing AoE damages and improving his group.


After much expectancy and exhilaration, Heizou has lastly gotten here in Genshin Impact! And as gamers acquaint themselves with his playstyle, we have actually created a Genshin Impact Heizou build including the most effective artifacts, weapons, and where to concentrate your focus.


Even if you do not have all 4 pieces, your damage when making use of Heizou will certainly enhance significantly if you just have a few. The Shimenawa's Memory artefact set is a good support if you happen to be using the Viridescent Veneer established on an additional character.

The Solar Pearl Driver boosts your elemental attack and also ability damage when striking with fundamental attacks. It is additionally readily offered. Skyward Atlus is one more choice that boosts your important and attack damage. Lastly, any of the luxury stimulants are wonderful tool choices for Heizou if you have them!

Keep an eye out for added suggestions and also overviews as new characters are introduced if you're interested in discovering more regarding Genshin Impact.

Heizou is a four-star character and belongs to the Tenryou Commission, where he functions as an Inazuman investigator. Heizou deals Anemo damage mainly with his variety of abilities and also abilities that can introduce opponents and also keep them surprised. The Solar Pearl Driver enhances your elemental attack as well as skill damage when striking with basic strikes. Any of the five-star drivers are fantastic weapon selections for Heizou if you have them!


The most effective artifact set for a Heizou build is the Viridescent Veneer . This four-piece set substantially enhances his Anemo damages as well as crucial hit performance, while decreasing an opponent's resistance.

Genshin Impact Heizou builds the very best artifacts.

When it comes to skill top priority for the ideal Heizou integrate in Genshin Impact, you want either a complete EM develop or an Attack, Anemo Damages, and also Crit Circlet develop. .

Nevertheless, there is also an option to mix as well as match these two.

The most effective tools built by Genshin Impact Heziou are Mappa Mare, Solar Pearl, Skyward Atlas as well as all five star drivers . Considering That the Mappa Mare is craftable, she is more viable and causes an essential response that gives you a nice important damage boost for 10 seconds.


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