Will it be understood without the 'prom brain'? 'Dark Soul' official novel comes out

A novel based on Dark Soul, a masterpiece of Prom Software and also a soul-like genre, is published in Japan and the United States at the same time.

Kadokawa will publish the Dark Soul official novel, The Dark Soul Excuse, on October 25. Based on the Dark Soul, one day it deals with the man's journey in the underground mausoleum. The protagonist lost most of his memories, including his name, but realized that he could use magic in the process of fighting the deceased's wake up from the tomb. At the same time, he remembers that he died a long time ago. As a result, he is led by fate with the name of 'Ferranos' on the wall and is adventurous.

The novel author is American SF and Fantasy writer Michael A. Stackpole. He is a well-known SF and fantasy writer who is known as the Star Wars and Battle Tak series, and he has written a number of novels from the game, including World of Warcraft Balline: Horde's Shadow, Conan The Barbarian, Gears of War: Epira Rising. Among them, World of Warcraft's official novels were published in Zeumedia in 2013.

Dark Soul doesn't tell the player directly to the player in addition to the big stems. It is said that it is necessary to collect various clues spread in the game and to infer the overall story and the worldview. The official novel published this time is expected to tell detailed stories.


Meanwhile, Kadokawa, which publishes the official novel of the Dark Soul, is a Japanese media group and a prom software parent company that covers cartoons, novels, magazines, and animations.


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