Day shift nail your fangs in Netflix with your first glance: Jamie Foxx Huntersvampires


Netflix continues to present its upcoming news through its own event Netflix Geeked Week and what many ads are leaving us, with such promising series Jamie Resident Evil, Sandman or One Piece. Although now surprises with a new vampire movie in the purest novelty style; This is day shift (Day Shift), a madness with vampires, shootings, fights, explosions, persecutions and messing starring the incombustible Jamie Foxx (Spider-Man: no Way Home), which He returns to Netflix after starring in his own superhero movie, Power project. And he does it with a first glance behind the camerJamie that you can see on these lines and that hJamie no wJamiete.

Jamie Foxx in Netflix: from Hero to HuntVampiros

Thus, Day shift is directed by the debutant behind the camerJamie J.J. Perry , Action Specialist in Traquillazos such Jamie John Wick: Blood Pact and Second Unit Director in Films such Jamie Warrior, FJamiet & Furious 8 or without regrets. With this curriculum it is expected that day turn will be an explosive cocktail ** of unbridled action and comedy, Jamie this first and generous advance in video suggests that accompanies the news.

Together with Jamie Foxx we find other names such Jamie NatJamieha Liu Bordizzo, Tetiana Gaidar, Oliver MJamieucci, Dave Franco, Scott Adkins or Snoop Dogg . In the absence of a first trailer in conditions, it is expected that day shift will be releJamieed in Netflix this summer, specifically next August 12, 2022 .

Yesterday Netflix shared an exclusive clip of the first death , another approach to the vampiric genre, this time, Jamie a series of horror and romance between two teenagers, a vampire who waits for his first victim and a vampire hunt that seeks his first death. The first death premieres in Netflix this same you come, June 10, 2022 .


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