The new Gran Turismo 7 update is shown 7

A new update for the PlayStation racing simulator Gran tourism 7 has been mocked for its launch at some point in this week. Since its first launch in March, the developer Polyphony Digital has continued to launch new patches for gt7 routinely for the versions of the play for playstation 5 and playstation 4. and although it remains to be seen what will be included in the last update of the title, it seems that A handful of new cars will be the new most notable offers.

In recent social networks, director Kazunori Yamauchi announced that the next patch for gran tourism 7 will be launched at some point in this week. Yamauchi did not give a specific date regarding the arrival of this patch, but shared an image that presented the silhouettes of three different vehicles. As such, it seems that one of the great new features of this patch will include the addition of these new cars within gt7.

Has The New Update Fixed Gran Turismo 7? While "Kaz" makes fun of some new vehicles that will come to Gran tourism 7 This week, this is certainly not the only thing that this new update will do. In the past, most Polyphony patches for gt7 have included a series of different errors corrections and game alterations to accompany some new cars to drive. So, if you are someone who currently has problems with the game, maybe this upcoming update ends up solving the problems you could have. be seeing

If you are not playing Gran tourism 7, you can currently seek to pick it up both in PS5 and PS4. And if you are interested in a opinion of the game, you can consult our own review of the title here.

Are you still playing GAN TOURISM 7 for yourself at this time? And if so, what changes do you expect to see in the game with this new update? Let me know for yourself in the comments section or you can communicate with me on social networks in @Mooreman12.


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