Rumor: in The Last of Us

The Last of Us is very likely to receive a remake, we can now assume that. Several reliable sources have confirmed the existence of the project, and finally an employee of Naughty Dog published tangible indications of the game. In addition to the new edition, there is another game in the Last of US universe, the existence of which was at least recognized by the studio: the successor to the popular faction mode. So far it has been assumed that it was a standalone title, but the multiplayer could be woven into the remake instead.

does the faction mode also get a remake?

That's what it's about: The rumor comes from Michael Huber from the Easy Allies. In a tweet, he writes: "It sounds as if The Last of US remake could contain the new faction mode." His wording suggests that Huber has insider information on the two games.

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That would be a surprise: Since Factions 2 has not yet been officially announced, we knew nothing about monetization. However, much indicated that it would be a Free2Play model with microtransactions-but at least a standalone title after the multiplayer could not be completed in time for the release of The Last of Us 2.

First negative reactions: The comments under the post indicate that many fans would not agree to such a decision. "It would be strange to hide a multiplayer behind a full-price game in today's gaming climate," writes Narastel. "Almost all big MP games are free2Play and they would exclude a great potential player."

But be careful: Nothing has yet been confirmed, and we do not know that Michael Huber actually has insider information. In addition, the Last of Us Remake and Factions 2 appear in parallel, but the multiplayer mode is still free2play, or at least after a while changes the model. So the remake could be made tasty for fans.

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that could await us in Factions 2

Even if the rumors have to come true, Factions 2 should become more than just a remake of the multiplayer mode from The Last of Us. The game or the game variant has been in the works for several years. Accordingly, the new edition is likely to outperform the original quantitatively and qualitatively.

In Factions it is no less brutal than in the campaign:

The story should also be important in the MP: Naughty Dog also wants to bring your expertise when it comes to storytelling. We don't know exactly what that will look like. But in addition to traditional Deathmatch modes, there should be more open game variants that are reminiscent of titles like Escape from Tarkov and The Division.

Factions 2 as part of the Last of US remakes-what do you think of it?


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