"Monster Han Rise: Sunbrake" One -handed sword, Slash Ax, heavy bowgun new action released!

Capcom has released a weapon type introduction video in the hunting ACT " Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak " for Nintendo Switch/Steam.

This video introduces a series of flows that instantly switch the replacement technique using the Slash Ax, Heavy Bowgun, and one -handed sword, using the common action "Sambreak" added from "Sunbrake". At the same time, the new iron insects and replacement techniques are also revealed.

◆ Slash Ax

A weapon that runs around using the ax mode that has excellent mobility but has a heavy blow and a sword mode with fast attack speed. The effect of the bottle awakened by the sword attack is also demonstrated in the ax state.

Iron insect thread technique "attribute filling counter"

Filling the slash gauge and releases the compressed energy with additional input. When the explosion that occurs at the time of release and the attack of the monster blend in, the backflow of attribute energy occurs, which is forcibly high -power. The recoil of the backflow is tremendous, but it uses its power to create a powerful slash.

Replacement technique "Ax: two -stage deformation slashing"

Ax: A technique that can use the centrifugal force by swinging to make a two -stage deformation slash. The first stage approaches while transforming into a sword, and the second stage goes down while transforming into an ax. At this time, the output by sword attacks rises, and the slash gauge recovery by an ax attack can be expected.

Heavy Bowgun

A shooting weapon with high firepower. The weight is high and boasts high attack power. In addition, a special bullet called the engine dragon bullet and the sniper dragon bullet can be loaded, and can be used properly according to the situation.

Iron insect thread technique "Iron Insects [Dull]"

A technique to generate a special circle in front using Shooshi. In this circle, special particles are staying in this circle, and as the bullet passes through the circle, the particles adhere to the circle, and the bullet speed is slower. The number of hits can be expected to increase by passing through continuous hits such as penetrating bullets.

Replacement technique "Crouching Shot"

A shooting method that keeps the recoil down to the limit by a special attitude, and continuously fires bullets instead of being unable to move from the place. Continuous firing will reduce the fire interval, but if you shoot too much, you will not be able to fire continuously until it is cooled for a certain period of time ( * some bullets are not eligible).

One -handed sword

One -handed sword has a small gap and is suitable for continuous attacks. In addition, many attacks can quickly move to avoidable actions, and the shields can be used not only for guards but also for hitting.

Iron insect thread technique "Heavy Blade Pharmaceutical"

Apply a special blade to the sword using Shooshimushi and ignite with frictional heat with the shield to get the effect. While the effects of the blade drugs are demonstrated, monsters are more likely to be frightened, making it easier to create opportunities for attacks.

Replacement technique "Kenji Ren Combo"

Two consecutive sword attacks that rotate like a circle and pierce the sword. It is easy to get a lot of trouble, and it goes well with weapons with high attribute values and abnormal conditions.

The super -large expansion content "Samburake" of "Monster Hunter Rise" will be released on June 30, 2022.


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