Towards an Integration of Bless Unleashed to the Blockchain Wemix platform

It was noted, the South Korean group Wemade is very invested in the development of PLAY-TO-EARN projects - these games based on blockchain and integrating NFTs that can be marketed by the players. Not only, the group and its subsidiaries therefore design games integrating play-to-ear mechanics, but its WEMIX platform is also intended to accommodate third-party developer titles to integrate PLAY-TO-EARN options. Wemade aims to offer a hundred Play-to-Earn games on his platform by the end of the year.

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In this context, Wemade announces a strategic partnership with the Valofe publisher, who recently resumed the operation of Bless Unleashed : The MMO action will integrate the WeMix platform.

At this point, the two studios do not specify the date of integration, nor communicate details on the evolutions that may be bless Unleashed on Wemix. The duet nevertheless mentions that "various specific contents in Bless Unleashed will be combined with the ecosystem of the Blockchain to develop synergies". It imagines that cosmetic or decorative equipment dedicated to the housing (the properties of the game) could be integrated into the MMORPG universe in the form of NFT, so that players can appropriate them and market them. The future will say how the players (South Koreans) will take ownership of the WeMix platform and the contents it will propose as part of the universe unleashed world.


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