Skate 4: Creating a player's own online skate

New details about Skate 4 revealed Gaming Journalist and Insider Jeff Grubb.

In the latest edition of his premium podcast, Grubb tells that Skate 4 is a lot of fun and it is impressed by how it feels. So the statement of people who have played it.

The latest part of the skateboard video game series should be modernized and adds to things, as you know about Forza. Among other character adaptations, custom content and more.

"You will take some modern things, especially the kind of things you can see in a Forza game or in many modern online multiplayer games, where you can make many customization options for its character, many skins, skins for the board and Such things will have. "

"And there will be a lot of user-generated content where you can equip your board with crazy things created by the community - you will really emphasize these things."

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In a kind of online skate park, players should work together together and skates. But not only that: the park can be changed to ramps and similar things in real time. Players design himself and build things.

"And the other side of the whole is this collaborative online skate mode that sounds very well."

"This is a mode in which one depends with his friends or other people hopping on the server, and then everyone can say on the server: 'Hey, does anyone try to try a few tricks with me here on this thing close."

"And then someone can create the things necessary for the skate park in real time with everyone else there and just say, 'Here is the ramp we need to make that, there she is, now everyone is going to do that. '"

"And people can work together to build these parks all at the same time. The people who played this mode have said that it was really fun to do with friends and other people. "

Officially confirmed is not from these things.


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