Is Destiny 2 fallen? How to check the status of the Destiny 2 server

Do you ask why you can not connect to Destiny 2? In this guide, we will explain if Destiny 2 is dropped or not and How to check the status of the Destiny 2 server so that you know when you can continue to take that booty.

Is Destiny 2 fallen?

At the time of writing this article on April 8, 2022, Destiny 2 servers are not fallen.

We will update this section every time there is an unexpected interruption of the Destiny 2 server.

How to check the status of the Destiny 2 server

The best and fastest way to see if Destiny 2 is inactive is to visit the official Destiny status page 2. Even if the game is inactive, the status page will be updated frequently to keep users updated on what is happening.

If something goes wrong, for example, if you visited the page on March 29, you will see some messages like this.

You can re-consult whether you want or need to see what is the latest update of the development team that works so that the servers are going back online.

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It is worth noting that Bungie will also notice on this page when the servers turn off for programmed downtime. If you do not see anything on the server status page for Destiny 2 but you still have problems, you may want to verify your own Internet connection, since the connectivity problem could be on your side.

Finally, you can always check the Bungie Help Twitter account to see if Bungie is aware of an immediate problem with the servers, such as an error code that affects a group of players.

That's all you need to know about if Destiny 2 is inactive at this time and How to check the status of the server . To get more information about the game, be sure to visit our Witch Queen wiki or see more of our coverage about the game below.

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