Increased to a warmth to play with a warmth, 10 years, from 5.4% to 24.1%

Korea Content Promotion Agency (Condenon Won) analyzed the type of game behavior and game behavior and game behavior type for the first day of the Korean Content Agency (Conden) ( 2021 I published a report on a game and a comprehensive activity '.

This survey was conducted on 100,000 students and 20,000 elementary class students and parents. Game and immersion comprehensive surveys have been investigated by the country to investigate and analyze the type of elementary and adolescent game behavior, and analyze the type of junior elementary school and youth game behavior.

According to the survey, the entire teenager ▲ game users were 80.9% ▲ Non-user groups were 19.1%. In the 2021, we analyze the type of adolescent game behavior, the game is to enjoy the game. % ▲ Game and immersion risk group were 3.0%.

In the 2021, the Games Cayer was up to 24.1% from 20.6% to 24.1% YoY, and in 2012, the 2012 survey resulted in 5.4%, from 5.4% to the last decade. The game is a group that uses the game sounding a game for a variety of positive purposes, including challenging, achievement, and social interactions. On the other hand, the game and the game that consumes the excessive time, the game and the game, and 0.3% to 0.5%, the game and the immersion risk group increased slightly from 1.6% to 3.0%.

The answer to the frequency of game usage was the highest in all game behavior types. The researchers have been analyzed that they have decreased the external activity of youth in Corona 19, and as well as the percentage of game utilization, as well as the percentage of game utilization,

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Meanwhile, in question asking about the amusement of the parent for the use of the youth game, the response was the highest response in all game behavior types. However, as parents' using the child 's use' at all, the response is 4.2% in the game and the mall, 3.4% in the game and the risk of game, and 3.4% (0.8%), It was relatively high. The researchers have suggested that the degree of parents can affect the type of child game behavior.

On the other hand, in this survey, the proportion of the game line for elementary low school students was 14.0%, which was lower than 24.1% of the game line of adolescents. In addition, all the students and elementary class students were higher than that of the game,

The researchers need to expand their education to understand the ability to understand the ability to regulate and utilize the game at the beginning of the elementary low school student in the beginning of the game, I added. We believe it is said that the program should be expanded around the town area.

Condensing plans to introduce new chapters that can measure game usage characteristics by classifying game line and problematic games from this year.

2021 Game and Immersion General Actual Survey Report may be downloaded from the official homepage of the Cancer.


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