Fe-X Gear, Interactive Digital Idol Service 'Narang' App Released

Domestic CG Software and AR ㆍ VR · XR specialized enterprise fxgear (FXGEAR, representative Choi Gwangjin) released a digital human-based real-time interactive experience service platform 'Narang'.

Unlike the Cartoon Style Avatar of the Existing Metabus Platform, the 'Me Rang' of the E-Z Gear is noticeable with the Cartoon Style Avatar of the existing metabus platform. Point-based light source effects and lightfield real-time rendering techniques have implemented more realistic, elaborate avatars, and implementing the user's movement and voice, and functions together and operate together.

While domestic and international digital humans are manufactured, various digital humans are made, a digital double (Digital Double) of the special effects, and a realistic character that was possible on the console, is the first time this is the first time this is the world.

Fiction, Choi, Kwang-jin, said, "The newly released app 'Me and the' Digital Human ', the" Digital Human ",' Virtual Space ',' Economic Ecosystem ', do. On the FFX Gear Metabus platform, everyone is a star through a digital human being and build a community, which is a space of opportunities for economic activities such as issuing NFTs, "he said.

He also has a "realistic digital human," which specifically reflects the user identity, which has a rarse force that can naturally connect the reality and metabus world. Idol, entertainer, and infulter, etc. Digital Human, which reflects the identity of high characters, such as the identity of the identity, spreading the IP through a digital host, communicating with existing communities and fans on the metaverse platform, and allowing more activities to do more without constraining time and place. He said, "he said.

Digital Human 1st Project: Digital Idol In particular, they are attracting attention in the industry in that they can create infinite possibilities through digital human, which could not form their communities with limitations of physical elements on the Web 2.0 platform.

The main character of 'Digital Idol', the first service of 'I' 'is a drama, entertainment, and is a leading to the K pop star,

The user is augmented reality technology, not limited to time and place, but it is possible to work together, and operate together, and shoots and shoots. If you take a pose to take a picture, take a pose like that, and look at the other place, or look at your cell phone, you may first speak to the user first. Unlike digital human, which repeats the existing designed behavior, unlike the digital human, the real-time interaction provides a completely new immersion experience.

Currently, play with interactive cells, motion recognition, and speech recognition, and video recording is provided, and when the camera is moved, the idol is reacted in accordance with the operation, and it is possible to use this result as a PFP or record it as a video.

In the future, users will be added to the idol, and the services that can be changed to idols, and change items. Currently, it is free of charge to betaver, and after the official release, we will add a variety of content to convert it to individual sales and subscribe services.

'Me' s' is gradually adding service content, and it is also preparing to release VR version this 2H. The FIX gear has been prepared to listen to the NH investment securities and subjective agreements in September last year.


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