Bob-Olympic champion Mariaama Jamanka finishes career

"In my career as a sportswoman, I had many great moments and could celebrate great athletic success. However, I have seen the time for me to end my career and I'm glad that I can do so after an Olympic silver medal," said the 31 -Year-old from the Bob Racing Club Thuringia. She will now start studying in her home Berlin.

"With Mariama is an outstanding athlete and a special person," said national coach René Spies in a communication the achievements of Jamanka. She had been the mum of the team who held together the store. "It is sad for us, but I understand your decision. In recent years, she had not always had it easy, she had to fight a lot and was rewarded again with the silver medal at Olympia," said Spies, pointing out that Jamanka said Also for him a great enrichment represented: "She has always helped me in my work."

It was not always easy, but it was worth it.

Mariaama Jamanka

Mariama Jamanka - WM Titel 2019

"There were heights that I had never expected, but also many deep ones who were probably worse than most of them can imagine. It was not always easy, but it was worth it," Jamanka wrote on Instagram. You yourself looks the great teamwork as a key to your successes, including two World Cup and three EM titles and six World Cup victories.

"Ultimately, these were never only my results, but results of hard teamwork and great waiver." Without your family, coaches, clubs, sponsors, team colleagues and the Bundeswehr "would not have been possible. I am very grateful for that."


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