AS ROM: Serious allegations against Mourinhos Bully Nuno Santos

The journey of the AS Roma to the Norwegian representative FK Bodö / Glimt in the Europa Conference League was anything but pleasing. After the game, the coach of the home team, Kjetil Knutsen, serious allegations against a member from the coaching team of José Mourinho. The accused is not an unknown.

"Glimt has no choice, as Nuno Santos to indicate at the police due to the physical attack on Kjetil Knutsen at the police. Such behavior is completely untenable. It is systematic provocation, manipulation and finally for exercising physical violence against Kjetil Knutsen", it says In a communication of the Norwegian club after the 2-1 victory in the quarterfinal first leg of the Europe Conference League against the series A-Club. Nuno Santos is goalkeeper trainer at the Roma.

The Portuguese is accused to have attacked the Norwegian chef coach after the game in the game tunnel. The video footage on which the attack should be seen was also forwarded to UEFA, which announced on Friday, in turn to check the allegations.

Knuts described the situation as follows: "Normally I'm from nature so that I would withdraw in such situations. But in this case I was physically attacked. He grabbed my neck and pushed me against the wall, that's me then To defend, I only natural. " Knuts should have thrown Santos to the ground to free themselves on the handle.

Nuno Santos no unknown

From the Roma camp, however, the case was very different. According to Captain Lorenzo Pellegrino, the aggression of Knuts was assumed. "First he said something to him, then he attacked physically," said the Italian at "Sky".

Il Bodo/Glimt: Already during the game, the Norwegians had complained to the fourth official about the behavior of Nuno Santos. The Mourinho assistant has always tried to "manipulate" and intervene in an unNunosman manner on the gameplay. "He's a co-trainer who simply behaves like an idiot," says Knuts on the press conference on Thursday.

Nuno Santos is by no means unknown in football business. Several times his behavior at the sideline was the subject of investigations - both in Italian and the English League, where he had previously worked with Mourinho at Tottenham Hotspur.

For a game against Newcastle United he was referenced for insults of the field. This season, the "Bully", as he is now referred to in the Norwegian press, was now like Mourinho, in the game against Verona a red card for unNunosful behavior towards the referee.


  1. Santos is a madman who has long since proven he doesn't belong in football, and Mourinho is a poor loser who deliberately uses his bully to harm a better opponent-


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