Probably no death victims to Krawallen in Mexico

Mexico should have given no dead. This was announced by the General Officer of the state of Querétaro. Accordingly, there are still 19 people in the hospital, all are in a stable state.

Seven people had already been released from the hospital according to the regional government. The prosecutor continued to inform that investigations - among other things tried murder - were initiated and officials as well as private security people should be heard.

Given the social media-circular photos and videos of riots during the first league game between FC Querétaro and Atlas Guadalajara in the Stadium La Corregidora, dead had been feared. The contradictory Querétaros Governor Mauricio Kuri.

"The official data is currently pointing out that there was no dead. Of course, I understand that the pictures are absolutely disturbing. Unfortunately, pictures and names of people were spread in the networks allegedly died. However, I can confirm that They are alive and get medical help, "said Kuri on Sunday.

Too little security personnel?

According to the city council of Querétaro, the FC Querétaro also bears a blessed at the city council. With just under 100 private security guards, the association had a lot of occupational people committed to ensuring security in the stadium, said City Council José Luis Aguilera in an interview of the sender Milenio.

The regional government decided to take first steps in a meeting at night to Monday. According to State Secretary Lupita Murguía, the contracts were terminated with the private security company. Five officials were suspended, including the police manager responsible for the game.

The game was interrupted in the 62nd minute at 0: 1 and then canceled. The Mexican football league announced that in La Corregidora, where Germany at the 1986 World Cup had received no games for the time being in 1986. The World Association FIFA called the incident on Sunday in a comment "Barbarisch"


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