PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus experience problems after the last update

Both the Subscriptions of PlayStation Network in general and those of PlayStation Plus are experiencing problems this week after the launch of a new console update according to an endless amount of reports that they say it online. The owners of PlayStation that downloaded the updates in question for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 systems soon discovered that their PlayStation Plus subscriptions did not work, or at least the online games that required those subscriptions did not verify them correctly. This has been so far in a confusion regarding someone's PlayStation Plus subscription is really active or not, although those who have these problems at least may be sure to know that not only is happening to them.

Playstation Plus Servers Down PS5 PS4 Update Fix 2022 Sony updated your state page that keeps track of PlayStation Network problems to confirm that there are effective problems that affect your various services. That page says there are problems that affect multiple categories, being the "Social Games and Games" section of the most relevant infringer in this case.

"You may have difficulty starting games, applications or network functions," says the page as of this morning after the updates fell. "We are working to solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience".

While PlayStation Plus is not explicitly mentioned, that is what is referenced in error messages that people publish online in the middle of the problems. "You can not verify the subscription of PlayStation Plus» It is the message that many see, which does not mean that you do not have an active subscription, but it simply means that you can not verify at this time for the reason it is. However, people still interpreted as the latter and are concerned about having paid by PlayStation Plus and now have problems.

Fortunately, these problems should not last too long. You may be attentive to the status page to see when things are resolved, and you can also see all the reactions and answers below that is far from being the only one who experiences these problems.

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