LOL: Riot listen to the community and announces significant changes to Rengar

Riot Games is one of those developers that you have pretty feedback with your community When some League of Legends champions need changes or if there is any bug or problem inside the lounge crack. When the Tecnochemical Dragona gave problems and its players drew damage to almost all their games, since the study decided to cut this problem from root and opted directly by eliminating it from the game.

This time it has not been so quickly, but they will be significant changes to a champion that disappeared after several changes in the skill set of it and that are currently quite out of place: RENGAR . The proud stallizer had as the main objective to be a true beast with the eliminated dragon, so its changes are now unusable and needed new adjustments.

NEW REWORK: HUGE Rengar Changes in Patch 12.6 - League of Legends #Shorts

The changes you will receive to Rengar in the PBE

Thus, with these changes to Rengar is expected to return from once and for all the current metajamee **, since he has been one of the most missing champions of recent weeks due to the lack of power he had. While it is likely that he does not return through the big door, it is true that in Soloq he may ask more times thanks to his new escalations and changes to some of him.


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