Guide Elden Ring: How to defeat the Chief Margit, the fallen augury, at the entrance of the castle stormy veil

That the intermediate lands of the fascinating Elden Ring give you almost total freedom from the beginning does not mean that you should neglect the progress of the main story. And there the first Vital Step is to face Margit, the fallen augury .

She is the first mandatory boss within the Necrolimbo region, especially if you want to progress for the Torment Veil Castle . This does not mean you can not explore other regions, but you will not advance in the plot if you leave aside this boss. Also, you will not see Godrick, the grafted, without defeating Margit before.

What tactics are recommended against Margit

That Margit is also the first serious boss means that you will face this beast with little level and without having improved practically your weapons, apart from having very few vials of crimson tears to cure you. Therefore, do not neglect your vigor to have enough life when it comes to improving your character, as in any Dark Souls, and that you do not kill you with only two blows.

The other recommended step is invoke the Rogier Sorcerer , just before duel against Margit. On its own, with the help of him, you will not defeat it easily, but it will serve as bait and to lower her life with a slight safety mattress. But do not get involved and put the attack button without rest, which Margit will hit you even if she is on her back And she is not as vulnerable over there, on the contrary.

In fact, if you enaccate Margit you can see that it is relatively easy to do parry to her blows with her giant spadron. And when you stunned , either with parries or when performing several charging strokes, you can make a critic Poniéndote in front of him, with what you will lower a lot of life. In addition, Rogier helps you from time to time that he can stun. Take advantage of those moments .

The second phase of Mergit is more aggressive , by invoking from nowhere a powerful hammer and another sword, with which you must better calculate the corners. There it would be a good time to invoke any ash using magic points, like that of the three wolves, since it is very likely that the Sorcerer Rogier has died before.

If you are cautious , it is easier than it seems at first glance. Especially if you do parries with the shield or simply staying to covered and making a simple counter-attack as soon as he hits you. In the case of the parry is with the left trigger; In the case of the other counter-attack, holding down the cover button with the shield, press the right trigger just by receiving a physical impact.

In this sense it is capital that memories the attack patterns of him to know when he is vulnerable, without precipitating, to avoid afterwards and not exhaust your resistance. Choose the fear, that I do not respect , and you will beat it before you tell you. And if you can not, you always have the option to invoke another person...

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