GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X

One may hardly believe - GTA 5 has never received a technical update since the publication on PS4 and Xbox One in 2014. Neither for the PS4 Pro nor for the Xbox One X. After the definitive edition of the classic 3D trilogy, many fans were probably a little glad about it.

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Our test for the GTA debacle:

The Trilogy Definitive Edition - Loveless Remasters who are not worthy of the masterpieces


So dark as there is our impression of the GTA-V-upgrade, however. It makes the title in many matters better, but does not spread out of full.

Our test methodology: We focused on the graphic comparison on the PlayStation consoles as we could work in the fastest way. However, a paragraph is also dedicated to the performance of GTA online on the Xbox Series S and Series X.

GTA Online is congruent with single player experience, but more demanding hardware, which is why we have decided not to perform separate tests of Story mode.

Ray Tracing in almost all modes

In advance, we are most often stumbled by the word "ray-tracing". Especially since Rockstar always spoke of 4K resolutions, the technique for precise calculation of light beams is extremely expensive. In the finished product we had to search for - reflections? Further precalculated. During the lighting we also discovered no signs.

Instead, shadows with ray tracing are displayed:

The game world is now physically correctly shaded. A strong contrast to the PS4 version, in which still hard stencil shadows were used. In the distance, these were replaced by low-resolution variants to release resources for other graphics calculations. As a result, the shadows swell heavily, flickered frequently and dived from that nothing. Pop-ins can also be recognized with activated ray tracing, but in total, shades of shades look much more calmer and more authentic.

In the ray-tracing-free power mode, the shadow system has also received some adjustments. GTA 5 now uses soft-expiring shadows that are more realistic about the game world.

A minimal update in the reflections: That Ray Tracing is not used for reflections, on the one hand, is annoying, on the other hand, but also comprehensible, as it would overwhelm the PS5. Los Santos is surrounded by the ocean, glass façades of skyscrapers protrude high into the air and with heavy raines many puddles on the streets form. For today's hardware, this is still too much of the good.

In GTA 5 and GTA Online, we also have to do in the future with pre-calculated reflections, which continuously flicker when we race through the streets. RockStar uses at least higher resolution variants of pre-calculated reflections at the PS5 upgrade, but not at any point and not in the performance modes:


Playstell (PS5) RT-Power (PS5) PS4


Maximum image quality thanks to high resolution and good edge smoothing

So far we were limited to a native render resolution of 1080p on all PlayStation consoles from the PS4. In the PS5 upgrade, however, we measured the following values:

  • Playstell: 2160P, 30 FPS, Ray Tracing Shadows
  • RT Power: 1440p, 60 FPS, Ray Tracing Shadows
  • Power: 1440p, 60 fps, no ray tracing

Due to the significantly higher pixel number alone, the title wins immense sharpness. That in the two power modes but "only" 1440p are achieved is a little annoying. Especially in performance mode without ray tracing, we would have expected the resolution close to 4K.

Anti-Aliasing: Rockstar used on the PS4 a solution to today's standards for edge smoothing, which also could not avoid that the game flickered in high detail. On the PS5 polygon edges are now smoothed far more effectively, podging we were only extremely rarely observed.

Improved lighting

According to Rockstar, one of the most important innovations is an improved lighting system. We noticed little. In the intermediate sequences, which are exactly similar in all versions, we recognized more contrasts and more intense colors, but as causes, however, we made the changes to the shadow system as well as adaptations of textures.

During the game, we true a slightly more intense lighting, but it is impossible to map them in direct comparisons, as a variety of dynamic processes work in the background. Weather and lighting ratios change in seconds.

Consequently, we focus on playing insights that we have won while playing. For example, post-processing effects in PS5 upgrade made a stronger impression. Among other things, Lens Flares and color shifts fall with strong light irradiation. This also benefits the graphic style, which is massively oriented to the gangster films of Michael Man, such as Miami Vice, Collateral or Heat.


PS5 (performance) PS4


Bloom effects no longer ray aggressively over the entire scene, but make stronger contrasts with the environment:

However, much of our image material revealed only marginal differences in most game situations. In summary, the developers have found a better balance with the light effects as soon as they should act brightly, that's more than before.

Textures and effects

Grand Theft Auto V | PS5 - Xbox Series - PC | Graphics Comparison

Los Santos can still be seen as a scene. Textures were provided in the PS4 version with an angle-independent mapping method that caused a lot of structure. The upgrade now adds a stronger environmental coverage that represents even more depth.


PS5 (playbual) PS4


New Fire and Particle Effects: In the PS4-original blazed vehicles only slightly open, in the upgrade, however, burn lights and form thick smoke.


PS5 (performance) PS4


Redesigned vegetation: In the press releases of the publisher, a higher vegetation density is talking about a higher level of vegetation, but we would talk about a slightly increased abundance. Partly models were changed, sometimes plants take more space. But on the pure amount has not done so much. At least at the locations we visited.

When traffic and the NPCs, however, we are not sure how to evaluate our experiences with the upgrade. The population of Los Santos is constantly distinguished in the PS5 upgrade during the production of image material, in the PS4 that was only extremely rarely the case. The streets seemed to us similarly strong - or depending on the area weak - driving as in the original.

Performance and GTA Online

GTA 5 ran at the time with mostly stable 30 fps, only a few slowdowns clouded the Open World pleasure. At the PS5 version there are fewer reasons to complain, All image modes achieve stable 30 or 60 images per second:


Playstell RT performance power PS4


At GTA Online, it looked different. On the PS4, the multiplayer part jerked unfavorably, probably due to the numerous background processes and content enhancements, which the entire game over the years highly populated. Let's run GTA online about the downward compatibility of the PS5, but it was perfectly playable. The optimized PS5 version is the same as the case, only 60 fps are now offered in the performance modes.


Playstell RT performance power PS4


Otherwise, as we have on the PS4, we have to live with only small technical compromises. It lacks:

  • Animals
  • Some dynamic and destructible assets such as planting pots or garbage baskets

Continuous extensions (from GTA Online)

The multiplayer mode drives some innovations, including:

  • Five new cars
  • An event focused on tuning with road races
  • a kit in which we choose between four career orientations; This will better introduce in the multiplayer mechanics and quickly find connection

The single player mode is attributable to the original. The GTA test for GTA 5 on the load gene can be found here:

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Our test too:

Grand Theft Auto 5 - The perfection of perfection


So run the Xbox versions

On the Xbox Series X, the image modes cover exactly with the PlayStation version:

  • Reading loyalty: 2160p, 30 fps
  • RT performance: 1440p, 60 fps
  • Power: 1440p, 60 fps

However, we were surprised by short framedrops in the two power modes. The PS5 version was - at first glance graphic level - absolutely liquid at any time. An error in the distribution of computational load to the CPU appears to us most likely because only the 60-FPS modes are affected, even if so much does not happen on the screen. In addition, the rucklers occurred in conjunction with CPU-digested tasks, such as physics calculations or the streaming of assets.


Playful RT performance performance


During the Series S is stacked lower:

  • Reading loyalty: 1440p, 30 fps
  • Power: 1080p, 60 fps

Ray Tracing is not spent by the small box, also the choice of image mode a whole piece is heavier. In power mode, we have to settle ourselves with a much softer image, hardly existent shadows and smaller backlogs, we choose "Playstell" we are limited to 30 fps.


Playful performance


Special features of the PS5 version

The haptic feedback of the dualSense controller is used as well as the adaptive triggers. The developers of the upgrade have adapted the functions manner; Explosions, hard basses and soil waves shake on the Gamepad, the deduction of assault guns is bitchiger when we shoot wildly in the continuous fire around us, the splint of grenades must be "really" pulled.

3D sound: Rockstar has evidently mixed GTA 5 specifically for the current console generation. The title sounds lying out of the headphones, the location of opponents also works in height. Many, simultaneous noise sources do not sound, but the city atmosphere comes over very well.

Loading time

If you go to today's claims, it is hardly imaginable how much time you spent on PS4 and Xbox One in charging screens. The NVME SSDs and processors of modern consoles was already shaking the loading times clearly, Optimizations make the numbers tall extremely true:


Single Player Score Change to GTA


We are completely satisfied with the values, especially the change between the main characters is now done within a few seconds. Connect for online mode, however, it can take a minute depending on the assigned server for a minute we can play.

Unnecessarily complicated transfer of the game

To transfer your GTA-V score from the PS4 to the PS5, you mandatory requires a Rockstar Social Club account. If you do not have a account yet, you have to create 1. In addition, we are limited to a storage level per account, a transfer is only possible once. The only advantage that gives themselves our view according to this is that we can transfer our score regardless of the platform.

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You can learn more about the transfer here:

GTA 5 & GTA Online: How to cross your characters on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S


An additional option that we can import the score within a console family without social club login, but we would be desirable.

This also includes GTA online: You should well think about whether your multiplayer progress wants to transfer, because GTA online is bound to the respective platforms. If PS4 players are frolic under your friends, you can no longer make the city with you uncertain, because a transfer is only possible here once. The upgrade of GTA Online does not support a crosplay, not within a console family!

Problems with the transfer: It was neither in advance, nor released to transfer our online score. An error message prevents us. According to Rockstar Support, the error is to be fixed, as we can not import your account, the publisher recommends removing the linked PlayStation or Xbox profile from the console to remove and reclaim.


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