DOFUS 2.63: Release date of the update, "Mal Bosquet"

The 2.63 update inaugurates the pace of this year's patchs 2022 on Dofus. "The Bosquet", after a while in Beta, also comes soon on the game servers.

This Dofus Update is PACKED!

DOFUS 2.63: Release date of the update, "Mal grove"

After a year 2021 ending on the imposing redesign of the Cities Bonta and Brakmar, Dofus 2.63 brings a revision of a quite forgotten area: the malefic forest. Its level goes from 40 to 150, with a new dungeon and its own series of quests. Of course, you can find new stuffs quite interesting at this level of levels. And all this, from my RDI March 22, 2022 next, after weekly maintenance.

However, this update is mainly in a much greater patch line by their "secondary" content. In fact, you can find here changes on ocher obtaining, content for very very low levels, a redesign of the bonuses of 100 to 150, a wave of class balancing, nerves for certain techniques Farm, an improvement of treasure hunts...

The list is very long as the work is Danrant, resuming a forgotten modifications format since 2017. Dofus 2.63 concerns everything of the world, and prepares the game by cleaning it to aim for a portage Unity, by 2023-2024 (in the Best of cases). If you can not wait, the beta will still be accessible for a few days, including Duty Free.


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