Camp Nou conversion: Barça probably a year in the Olympic Stadium

The NEW CAMP NOU (OFFICIAL) 55,000 instead of 99,000 places: From summer 2022, FC Barcelona wants to rebuild its stadium. From summer 2024 and expected by summer 2025, the club must change the stadium for the rebuilding measures. Then it works, then it looks up to date, in the much smaller, but still spacious urban Olympic Stadium of 1992 - for a season. The Estadi Olimpic Lluis Company, also known as Estadadi Olimpic de Montjuic, was home to the citytrival Espanyol from 1997 to 2009.

"We have a few options. When we play Nou outside the Camp, the most powerful variant is the Montjuic. We have dealt with other options, but it was difficult or not feasible," Laporta said at "Barça-TV". Also, the club had thought to stay in Camp Nou during the conversion, which would have given problems because of the access. Laporta: "But it will be for a season, only one season, if everything runs well." The Camp Nou is to be completely modernized and get a canopy of the ranks. It was inaugurated in 1957 and so far renovated in the years 1980 and 1994.

"Architectural Jewel"

BARÇAS President also announced that the city council would expect the club to give final permission to stadium farming in April. In July, the tender of the renovation work will start, in September will decide again when the conversion can begin exactly. One, says Laporta, is already clear now: "The new stadium will be spectacular, an architectural gem. Barcelona will also offer another room for leisure activities."


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