Lost Ark: How to get the boat and all about navigation, crews and marine life

In Lost Ark , the world consists of many islands, more or less large, that visits for the most part according to your searches and adventures. To explore this wonderful universe, the popular means of transport is, of course, the ship.

The ships

There are different types of boats . Its price depends on your statistics and its size, so a large ship capable of harboring a large number of crew is, therefore, much more expensive than a small and logical 1. Some sailors with unique skills only agree to address very specific ships.

However, getting the boat is only possible from level 35 to through a mission offered by beatrice . Then you get the ability to explore other continents. The most creative will undoubtedly be happy to know that the boat is totally customizable , from the colors of the sail to its prints to be able to create a unique war vessel.

It is with the help of this boat that you can travel the oceans, both areas of treasures and large hazards .


The seas of Lost Ark are full of several elements that you can extract. Whether it's marine treasures, crewers to rescue, dive zones , or many other elements: Be sure that you will always find something to do there. However, be careful because a trip like this is not easy: Storms , Marine monsters , Ghost boats , and also Other players (only in arers PVP) are hazards!

If you have managed to overcome these dangers and your cellar is full of treasures , then it is time to stop on one of the many islands that make up the world of Lost Ark .

Here again, fun is assured: Each island has its own set of particularities , from the island where a ladybug is greater than you, to the floating islands, through others with a darker atmosphere.

Some islands are even difficult access , move over time, or disappear and reappear without apparent reason... It depends on you Adapting you!

During the journey, you must monitor you indicator of "supply ": Decreasing quickly in case of storm or enemy attack, and more slowly out of combat, is your main indicator of the time that remains in the sea Before having to refuel.

Fortunately, you are not alone in this adventure and you have the opportunity to create a decent crew to allow you to survive in the seas.

The crews

You can hire crewers in the port that will accompany you in your cruises. Remember that the maximum of members is directly dictated by the nature of the ship!

These crew members provide you several bonuses, all useful or even essential according to the situation: do you prefer the one who warns you in advance of storms, avoiding that you suffer important structural damage, or the one who has a good eye The most marine treasures "best hidden". Use it according to your choices and place to explore.

Certain areas of the ocean are dangerous: for example, several are covered with submarine algae that make navigation difficult. It is possible to acquire a ship that allows you to cross them, but if you want to keep your ship current, hiring the right sailor is probably the best solution: well, the sailor Harihari can make you benefit from your skills to allow you to cross without incident.

The port is not the only way to get sailors. In fact, some can be found at islands after sinking of your ship, would probably be willing to offer your services in exchange for help.

Lost Ark is meant to be a game not only based on missions and fights, but also on exploration and discovery, and the least we can say is that it is successful in terms of navigation.

The TLDR Lost Ark Sailing Guide

A significant aspect of the game is the boat that allows you to take your first steps through the universe of Lost Ark ** when you reach several lands full of monsters and treasures!

However, do not let that discourage those who do not like the idea of ​​sailing every five minutes.

Once you have visited an island, you can go back to it using a cruise ! For a small cost, the trip to the requested destination will be possible: it is a good way to avoid the drawbacks of the trip, but that unfortunately prevents you from collecting all the maritime riches along the way.


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