How to defeat a giant shadow in Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden

Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden Review - Noisy Pixel Deep in the heart domain is the queen, similar to Lati. It will defend an aggressive giant shadow. It is called supermarket , this hippos is an alarm attack 34 and 300 HP with high protection. How to win it?

Firstly, despite all its attacking skills, the firm and the queni do not really have a high attack force. That is why you should assign all your hopes and rely on the main character . Armit its best weapons that you have. Square and Queners can attack or attack, depending on the situation, but it should not apply you the main damage.

Secondly, if you do not strengthen your team, Supercilious will put them all for critical health. It is dangerous, since you have only one reliable healing skill (Laty's Heal +), and it is aimed at one goal. Double healing aimed at the whole group is too many gems to use it every move.

Therefore, if you already have access to the move command Star curtain , Equip it. For this you need six crystals, but the Buff of Protection, which he will give your team, is invaluable. Lati also learns guard at higher levels, which has the same effect without attacking strength and excessive crystal requirements.

Then just stay alive, attack when it looks safe, you can beat it. You can also speed up the battle, using the team skill of the firm and king, which inflicts deadly poison . You can generate a sufficient number of crystals, sending spam Lati. Charger Spell .

Additional information about Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden can be found in the program manuals.


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