Gunborg: a physical output and 120fps on PS5, all the details

Among the countless independent games that come out every week, a certain Gunborg: Dark Matters manages to get out of the melee. No doubt because the game will also benefit from a physical output on March 4, but also because its rendering is already talking about him. It is true that with its shimmering 2D and especially its ultra-neat animations, the title is distinguished from others. Let's add to that a gameplay both varied and nervous, and we get a good cocktail for action-platform lovers tend the ear. Developed by Ricpau Studio and edited by Orbmit Productions + Red Art Games, this Gunborg: Dark Matters will enjoy a nice optimization on PS5 since the game will be playable up to 120 frames per second, provided of course having the screen. TV that goes with it. What to pass the obstacles without a snap and with smooth fluidity, alternating phases of platforms, shoot at Bazooka Blaster and fighting with the white weapon.

PlayStation 5 120FPS Mode vs. PC 120FPS: Benchmarks & Graphics Quality Comparison

The developer policy is also quite cool since the game will be Cross-Buy on PlayStation, while the PS4 upgrade to PS5 will be totally free. Gunborg: Dark Matters is also available on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch at a friendly price of € 10.99 on Steam and € 14.99 on other digital media. In physics, it will be necessary to count 24.99 €, which remains very reasonable. Here is the last trailer dated.


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