Animation "five-dimensional bride" The first game application "five-year bride five girls can not be five puzzles. "New Event" Five Child's Valentine (Heart) Drama-Kok Haku ~ After Melting Chocolate ~ "Held!

ENISH, Inc., from February 16, 2012 (Wed), the first game application "five-dimensional bride" is the first game application "five-dimensional bride five-year-old bride, and the puzzle can not be divided. In "Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department Fully Supervisory Game Original Story Enjoying Full Voice" Five Child's Valentine (Heart) Drama-Kok Haku-Kok Haku, "after the melting chocolate ~".

ENISH Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President, Representative Director: Yohei Yohei) is a game application "five-year bride", the first animation "five-divided bride" from February 16, 2022. The bride five children of the minutes can not be five puzzles. In "Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department Fully Supervisory Game Original Story Enjoying Full Voice" Valentine (Heart) Drama-Kok Haku-Kok Haku will be. As a benefit of the event to be held in February, I will give you a one-year anniversary poster by lottery to one anniversary poster.

In addition, from February 14, February 14, February 14 (Mon), we have launched a new gacha that can be obtained by drawing a card with a valentine drama.

In addition, the "Valentine's Confession CM" retweet campaign hit by the store card is being acclaimed.

Game App Official Site: Game App Official Twitter Account: @ 5 HANAYOME_PZL

# New event "Gyoko-chan Valentine ♥ Drama-Kok Haku is after the melting chocolate ~"

This event is an in-game event of the Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department Fully Supervised Original Story. Enjoy the original story with the theme of "Valentine Drama" while clearing the puzzle with the five children.

In this event, clearing all the event stages, one "signed poster lottery application ticket" is given, and you can apply to Sakura Ayasan of February Event Benefits. As the "Gyoko-chan, who was held in the first half of February, one by one is given in the same way as events, so it is possible to order up to two.

In addition, the event "Google-chan Valentine ♥ Drama-Kok Haku is after the melting chocolate ~", we will prepare a social exercise issue. Ranking based on puzzle scores will be held on the practice problem stage.

For more information, please refer to the announcement in the game.

Event period

February 16, 2022 (Wed) 11:00 to February 25 (Fri) 23:59

Event Overview

· During the event, you can enjoy the original story with a full voice. · By clearing the event stage and collecting points, you can get a new pose and background of "Yes Cheese!" As event rewards. · Cumulative point ranking through events will appear. The ranking ranking at the end of the event allows you to acquire special ranking compensation and event limited title, and Kizuna point. · If you clear all event stages, you will be assigned a lottery for lottery requests for Sakura Ayasan signed poster. Even events conducted in the first half of February have been applying a lottery for lottery requests under the same conditions, so it is possible to order up to two.

# "Valentine's Drama Study White Gacha"

The new gacha with the theme of Valentine drama is being held for a limited time, ahead of the event "Valentine ♥ Drama-Kokhaku-Kok Haku". Limited time ★ 5SS cards and "Valentine" costumes for drawbacks are given by all means.

# # Gacha implementation period

2022, February 14 (Mon) 11:00 to February 28 (Mon) 23:59

# # Gacha outline

· A new ★ 5SS card with five children is the pickup gacha · Five children wearing original Valentine's drama costumes appear. · Event "Google-chan Valentine ♥ Drama-Kok Haku is a Card with a point bonus in the after-it. If you have, you will significantly increase points that you can earn.

# "Valentine Confession CM" Retweet campaign

In commemoration of the holding of the event "Valentine ♥ Drama of Gaoko-chan", the store card will be presented to 5 people by lottery from those who have a tweet to be campaigned.

Implementation period

February 11, 2022 (Fri) -20222 (Mon) 23:59

Application method

(1) Follow the game application official Twitter account (@ 5 HANAYOME_PZL) (2) Retweeted the tweet to be campaigned

# # Campaign Target Tweet

# "Five-year bride"

Under high school second grade, Uesugi-style Taro, who sends a poor life, the story of a good condition of a tutor's part-time teacher comes in.

However, the teaching girl is how classmates! ! And it was five girls! !

Beautiful girl, but it's a problem of "Payment and hate" "Studying"! The first issue is to win the trust from sisters...! ? Every day is a feast! 500% of the five-way lov rice comes of 500% of the 500% of the Nakano family! !

# Animation "five-divided bride" first game app

A total of 15 million comics breakthrough, the second term of the animation was completed and the movie release decided on May 20, 2022 (Five-minute bride 'first game app!

This game is a love comedy puzzle game with a cute 500%, who goes deepening Kizuna and Kizuna with five children and five children, and five children in Midori. The player can be the main character / Uesugi-style Taro, and the original story can experience the full-scale story of Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department full voices. Furthermore, it was not a basic, it will be an interesting child and a special relationship...! ? "Well, who are you choosing?"

# "The five-year bride five girls can not be five puzzles. "Overview

Title: Five-year bride Goro-chan can not make puzzles five equal. Genre: Love Computer App STORE: Google Play Store: Games App Official Web Site: Game App Official Twitter Account: Post-Certified Discord Server: compatible OS: iOS / Android Copyright notice: (C) Harunouchi Nigi, Kodansha / "Five-Early Bride" Production Committee (C) G Holdings Co., Ltd. (C) ENISH, INC.


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