Wow in the Game Pass and on the Xbox? Pls Make It HiGs, Microsoft!

Already a few months ago, we had reported on first rumors, according to which cooperation could be linked between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard regarding WoW \ - as part of the past Game Awards. However, the instructions were found, but as well as some potential leaks before, in the Sand, and it became silent for the topic. Until January 18, 2022, the Bomb Place and Microsoft officially announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard - for whopping $70 billion! Not only are the rumors of then in another light, but it may also be speculated about it What this means for the MMO.

Already a few months ago we spoke, among other things, IMXboxCast 582 above, What a collaboration between Microsoft and Blizzard could bring for WOW and of course came quickly on two things: the Game Pass and the Xbox console. And who believes, editor Phil was already looking forward to the unrealistic idea that understands why he is currently grinning over the whole face.

WOW (Buy Now) in the Game Pass - a great idea!


For Microsoft, it would now be a lightweight and a comprehensible step to integrate some new brands short in the Game Pass. Underneath, especially Byplay games like Overwatch or Star craft, which we, are certainly, and I'm sure I'll be able to play over the Xbox app soon. With a subscription MMO like WOW, the matter is already much more complicated. Less from a technical point of view, because, and that's what I think is realistic, the Xbox ID and the blizzard ID will probably soon be merged anyway, but rather from purely financial perspective, but more.

Personally, I would think it's great, if so two existing communities would merge (who is not it on the choke that you have felt drilled friends listed in all sorts of lions) and, on the other hand, a button would disappear from my desktop. And if I also get the opportunity to try out the many other games of the Game Pass for my WoW subscription, that would be fantastic. Because, and I have long since, the Game Pass (or similar models) are the future of the gaming industry. Wow, in the Game Pass and on the Xbox? Pls Make It His, Microsoft! (1) Source: Microsoft also, and that may not underestimate that integration into the Game Pass will certainly bring a pile of new and old player to Zeroth. And which WoW player is not looking forward to it when the own community is growing. However, this is not quite so going as I hope for that. Because Microsoft would like to carry money with WOW yes.

WOW is more expensive than the Game Pass

Wow, currently costs around 13 euros per month. The Xbox Game pass for the PC, however, only €9.99 per month. So WoW players would save a lot of money and would also have access to over 100 other games, but Microsoft would virtually give away the complete revenue from WOW. So it is more likely to assume that either the price of the Game Pass will increase, or we will get a different kind of payment model. For example, a kind of discount on the WOW subscription. With Game Pass we pay only a differ in the month, without game passing, on the other hand, the full price - so or something similar I could imagine that. My worst fear is that WOW is simply implemented, and the developers want to get the money through a tremendous In game shop. Pocket seats, skills strips and what would not sell all individually - we have already seen in other MMOs.

Here it will, put the case that Microsoft Wow really will bring into the Game Pass will be interesting to see how the whole thing is implemented financially. Normally, I would go bad swans. But so convinced how Microsoft is Game Pass from the product, you will certainly want to risk no negative headlines and prefer too little money as too much.

Wow on the Xbox? Bought!

Wow, in the Game Pass and on the Xbox? Pls Make It His, Microsoft! (2) Source: Xbox A porting of WOW on the Microsoft console is already a bigger undertaking, because behind it is a lot of development effort. Nevertheless, I hold it for the right step. The fact that MMOs in general and WOW can work in particular on the consoles and the control with the controller is quite useful , has already been proven tiny times. Ultimately, it probably failed mainly at the different systems and monetization. But that should not be a big problem anymore.

Of course, few are placed on the couch to go from there or the like. But for a round world quests, one or the other dungeon or a little story works perfectly. Stay two major issues. One is the use of add-ons, the other communication with other players. And here I keep it for a wink with the fence post that Microsoft also tried to buy the communication platform Discord in the past year \ - which ultimately failed. Microsoft could connect this or a similar service to the Xbox, the issue would be solved.

Great start with patch 10.0?

No matter what Blizzard or Microsoft are now projecting, Patch 10.0 is ideal for the start of it. The previous WoW story has been completed (very dissatisfied), many old developers are out of the company, large pillars of the game are no longer inviolable, and the upcoming extension is considered many as a kind reboot. If Microsoft connected it to the Game Pass and a launch on the console (and may take the developers a little under their arms), then that could be the gehyptest start of a WoW extension for many, many years.

All this is of course pure speculation and future music, but still pleases me. By getting started Microsoft, a new departure feeling awakens in my wow. Where an Ion Hazzikostas can assure me ten times that now everything will be better, and I do not believe him of it, Xbox boss Phil Spencer creates the even without he says something to the topic.

But I still have a downside. I do a little of all those who bought a PlayStation 5 and then do not benefit from Wow in the Game Pass. Fortunately, I have an Xbox here.

How do you want to port to the Xbox or a recording of WOW in the Game Pass - Do you have any fears in this regard?


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