The RPG Retro Rise Of The Third Power will be released on February 10

New tribute to the RPG d'Anton, Rise of the Third Power will be available in a month on PC but also PS4, Xbox One and Switch, Announcement Danger Entertainment.

Rise of the Third Power is the last game of Stegosoft Games, who had already done some followers in 2016 with Ara Fell. The story takes place a few years after the end of a global conflict that caused a real hematoma and that only two powers, the kingdom of Carinthia and the former Republic of Tariq. But the balance that reigns today is threatened by Dimitri Poyarkov, a Reinhard hero of Arcadia's vanquished empire, who seems to be reborn from his ashes. This is where a gallery of eight characters intervenes with the ambitions, prospects and personalities, but all adorned for a suicide mission to overthrow the new Emperor.

Presented by its authors as a combination of the best elements of the gameplay and writing of Japanese and Western styles, Rise of the Third Power is obviously a love letter to the 16-bit RPG but also to modern amenities such as automatic backup. Mechanical side, the eight characters will take part in the combat simultaneously sans FASTIDIOUS GROUP, a philosophy that is also found in the management of equipment that is based on permanent improvements rather than repeated purchases.

Fine to buy a great headset in town to finally find a better in a dungeon. Each character has three equipment locations with 8 improvements each, i.e. 192 to find in total. This system helps to avoid boredom From the management of the inventory, while giving what to do to the complementary, can we read. Speaking of reading, Rise of the Third Power will only be available in English and Japanese.





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