Graphics Card Disaster: Price of the new NVIDIA

PCI Express ( Peripheral Element Interconnect Express, abbreviated PCIe or PCI-E) is a requirement for attaching peripherals with the chipset of a primary CPU. Past the application for development ports, the PCI methods currently create the basis for many various other user interfaces such as SATA Express, M. 2, U. 2, SAS Express and Thunderbolt as well as for EXPRESS and SD Express Memory Cards.

NVIDIA will certainly most likely bring a brand-new graphics card architecture at LOVELACE this year, published the graphics card manufacturer felt weekly various other amp designs. The last one was silently brought as well as covertly introduced — as well as is currently expensive once again.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080: New variation with 12 GB VRAM currently offered

Real benchmark results have not yet existed, but not remarkably, is likely to stop the efficiency of the boosted RTX 3080 between that of the old model and RTX 3080 Ti . PC gamers may assume that NVIDIA at the very same time offer both RTX-3080 designs and also sell through third-party manufacturers.

The RTX 3050 and also RTX 3090 Ti appear not to have sufficed for NVIDIA — because soon after CES 2022, the graphics card supplier has released one more model: A brand-new variation of RTX 3080.

The greatest difference to the old model from 2020: The quantity of video clip memory. While the initial RTX-3080 was made only 10 GDDR6x storage space to side, This expands in the brand-new variant on strong 12 GB . The clock of the memory is still 19 GHz. Likewise with the number of shaders something has done, although the jump falls short rather small. Rather 8,704, 8,960 arithmetic units are now made use of.

NVIDIA Current graphics cards likewise support DSS alongside RTX. What is that? And does the brand-new innovation really bring so much additional efficiency? We disclose it to you in the video:

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Extra pricier than an RTX 3090: Nvidia's brand-new graphics card is damn expensive

GPU A main EIA NVIDIA has actually not been understood for the revised RTX 3080 so far — due to the current scalper trouble, nevertheless, the rate suggestion would possibly have actually had no stock anyhow. An appearance at the rate contrast of Generals.DE reflects the present state of the graphics card market completely.

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Whether the next graphics card generation can ultimately break this vicious circle stays to be seen. Presently there are no perceptible silver strip on the graphics card horizon for PC hobs.

NVIDIA Current graphics cards likewise support DSS next to RTX. An appearance at the price comparison of Generals.DE mirrors the current state of the graphics card market flawlessly. For contrast: The RAP of the regular RTX 3080 with 10 GB VRAM is 719 euros, which the RTX 3080 Ti at 1,199 euros and the much faster RTX 3090 at 1,549 euros. Whether the following graphics card generation can lastly break this savage circle stays to be seen. Currently, there are no apparent silver strip on the graphics card horizon for Computer hobs.


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