Co-founder of Games Workshop named gentleman

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GAMES WORKSHOP - Ian Livingstone CBE, Co-Founder & English Fantasy Author

The co-founder of the Game Workshop Company received a knight title. Earlier this week, Sir Ian Livingstone was honored with the title of Knight through the Queen's New Year Honor's List 2022. According to the official list published by the Government of the United Kingdom, Sir Livingstone was honored by its services to the industry of the online game », linked to your work with Lidos Interactive and Square Enix in the 1990s and 2000. In particular, Livingstone acquired many of Square Enix's success franchises during your time with Lidos, including the Tomb Raider and Ricardo Franchises Livingstone also contributed to the Tomb Raider: Anniversary Project, which was launched in 2009.

Livingstone is also known for being co-founder of Games Workshop, the British company behind Warhammer 40,000. Livingstone founded Games Workshop along with John Peace and Steve Jackson. The company jumped to fame for being the exclusive distributor of the then incipient game. Calaboose and dragons to European players. Then they launched a physical store location and the Badge Magazine Near White, Livingstone served as an editor until 1986. Although Livingstone did not participate in the design of the company Badge of the company Fantasia by Warhammer Livingstone was one of the main designers of Lucia Against fantasy, a series of books that combine Choose your own adventure stories options with dice runs. Scholastic has published the Lucia against fantasy books since 2017, with Livingstone writing a new adventure for its 35th anniversary.

Livingstone also founded Citadel Miniatures, which produced miniatures for several board games. While Citadel initially produced miniatures for several games, the company finally became a game of Games Workshop responsible for the production of miniatures and miniature accessories for their games.

Livingstone has remained involved with both the video game industry and the board games in recent years. He was part of a group that invested in the British company Steam forged table games, which publishes both licensed board games based on several video game franchises and original projects. Livingstone is also a member of several boarding of companies and foundations.


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