Warhammer 40,000 presents seasons, will launch new campaign stories every six months

Games Workshop Group plc (Abbreviated GW) is a British international business dedicated to the manufacturing of parlor game, retail mode. She is concentrated on the version of War games, as well as is among the biggest business in the world in this area. It is registered in the London Supply Exchange, with the LAW sign.

Warhammer 40,000 will go through a season-based format in 2022, which will affect the launch schedule of the game, the competitive game and more. Games Workshop announced the change today, bringing the game a more transient format and based on stories. This new season format will not only have new campaign books, packages of large tournaments and missions packages, but also new miniatures to support the stories that are counted. Basically, the new season format will introduce a new history that will be developed both in the game and campaign game, with new thumbnails that will be launched to support the History and the outstanding armies. Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team You will also see its pitches synchronized with the new seasons, with expansions released to show several skirmishes that take place during the stories.

The first season of Warhammer 40,000 will return the players to Vigils, a crucial bottleneck for the Imperial of Man. While the chaos's forces are returning to Vigils to take the planet and thus get access to the territory of the Empire, the various chapters Of the Space Marines and the Elder will make an effort to maintain the planet. As part of the launch of the new season, Games Workshop will launch several new products, including the vigils Solo Campaign Book, the Fa Missions package, and the war Zone Richmond: Missions package of the Great Tournament for competitive game rules. The recently announced press supernatural The battle box is also part of the new season, which adds a series of new miniatures for both the Elder and for the Chaos Space Marines. The Elder needed especially new miniatures, since this faction still uses miniatures designed in the 1990s and desperately needed an update.

The reaction to the announcement of the new season was mixed. Since the launch of the ninth edition last year, Games Workshop has already adopted stories that inform the competitive game and launches. This new advertisements only formalizes a schedule for these releases, with new competitive games and campaign packages that are launched every six months. However, some Warhammer 40k fans are already less than excited about the accelerated launches calendar and believe that seasons will lead to more armies and factions to be neglected in the long term, since Games Workshop focuses its launches in the current history. There is also the complaint that the format of seasons is too similar to the Season Pass microtransaction model that is seen in many live service games.

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