Soothing Steam insider tip you can now play for free in the browser

Especially when the days get shorter and darker, especially relaxing, sweet games are asked, with whom you can crank the Christmas mood. Towns caper is such a game — and you can try it here and now for free in the browser.

Towns caper lets you build creative cities without pressure

Here is a cottage, there a tower — and then change the color! A relaxing starting game as Towns caper probably did not exist in 2021. In the City Builder there is no destination, no problems and only a range of colors to select: sets building on building and let yourself be surprised what causes your decisions. Because they do not choose the shape of the houses; Instead, this changes with attached new components. So every time it is a surprise what you can create!

If your creation does not like you, you can just restart again and build an even pretty and crazier city.

playable in the browser for free

The Free Towns caper Demo is not such a huge as the paid game on Steam, but for a first impression she is perfect. And who knows, maybe she is enough for a short fun in between.

The Browser Games to Play RIGHT NOW! (No Download PC - 2021) To demo you just get over the official site of the game ; You do not have to install anything, because the demo runs in the browser. But beware: Maybe you can not stop playing if you start once!

ICR just need a great, relaxing game? Looks past our in-the-ceiling-ceiling tips — games in which you can lose you.

The full version of Towns caper appeared in August 2021 on Steam and can be bought by you for the small price of 4.99 euros. According to the comments, it is great for a relaxing work of work — and can forget you all your care. Try it!


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