PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS passe en free-to

At the Game Awards 2021 ceremony, between various ads and game trailers, Grafton unveiled the future of his royal battle. PUBG: Battlegrounds starts a new era from January 12, 2022, when the game will become a free-to-play. Everyone can then enjoy the PUBG experience without having to pay any penny.

A free-to-play with pay options

If PUBG: Battlegrounds gives way to free-to-play, will continue to exist some paid options. Among them, the optional upgrade Battlegrounds Plus makes its appearance. The latter is a unique purchase that allows you to unlock various benefits. Thus, for $12.99, the Premium account benefits from:

Bonus of 1,300 G-corner Survival Mastery XP + 100% boost Career: Medals tab Classified mode Custom games feature Set Captain Camo — Hat

Camouflage mask Camouflage gloves

A commemorative pack for older players

Of course, once the game spent in Free-to-play, players who already purchased will receive compensation. The special commemorative package is assigned to all people who bought PUBG: Battlegrounds, and will obtain unique rewards. There is a cosmetic, but also a free upgrade.

Special commemorative pack — Upgrading BATTLEGROUNDS PLUS Set Battle-Hardened PAN LEGACY SHACKLE AND SHANKS Nominative plate BATTLE-HARDENED LEGACY


If the game interests you, it is already possible to pre-register for the free-to-play version. By doing this, you can then invite a friend to join you, and determine your style of play via a test. Note that PUBG: Battlegrounds will be available for free in the middle of its season 15. The rotation of cards, their dressing and events are related to the end-of-year holidays.


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