LifeSim EPIC CHEF -The commitment of the cooking system is also the influence of Mistera Kozako and Soma Soma. I wanted to light the citizen life on the back of the magnificent story [Developer interview]

Play Ground Gaming Limited is a British video game designer based in Lexington Med spa, England. It is known for establishing the Fora Perspective collection, which belongs to the bigger Fora franchise business. In 2018, Playground Games entered into Microsoft Studios (currently called Xbox Game Studios). They are likewise currently in growth of the next game in the Fable series.

This project to interview the developer of the new indie game to be worried about. This time, Infineon Games development, will deliver a mini-interview to the PC / PS4 / CSX / Xbox One / Nintendo-life simulation that was released on November 12 to the switch for Epic Chef developers.

This work leads to the hero the kingdom's premier chef named Zest, life simulation of a story-driven. Cultivation and animal husbandry, such as fruits and vegetables as a means of to make a material and livelihoods of food, equipment and machinery of the craft for cooking and new recipes, and search-fishing of customization and town of your house can enjoy increase. It acknowledged in Japanese.

Epic Chef is being distributed in the yen 2,570 (Steam).

— First I'd like a self-introduction. What is your favorite game?

Marc López Mr. is (following Marc) Marc López. Barcelona was founded the indie studio Infineon Games based in along with Cristian Pastor. Is Usually a small studio as there is no such thing as the work is 3 or more people at the same time. I have been there is a fondness to those that story, it is also in our studio has become my role. I buy first creating a Mod, starting from the fact that breathe life into a story to make of myself, I went led to the actual interest in the game development.

Such a background is also there, my favorite game is, of course, is one of the games that attracted me to this road: The The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. Cristian is in charge of the game system, there is a long game development experience, such as Ubisoft. His favorite game is Final Fantasy VII.

— Do the development of this work, why start?

In Marc previous work Zenith, we have created a world of Bulgur. In this fantasy world, hero, collision, is the crisis and stories such as the end of the world of existence is drawn. I thought we'd let's delve into the lives of ordinary citizens of this world. Rather than a perilous adventure, I thought trying to draw a story from the ordinary person's perspective to a normal life living in the capital Ambrosia of Concordia. However, in a world such as Bulgur, the first place is common human itself is not so common. Even people of the neighborhood, but magician and adventurer, supernatural existence, and because the gods Ya are undergoing sometimes occur impact of the catastrophe.

Zest is a common people of this work, it will be able to get a house and a restaurant that cursed that is in the city. So that to become a chef is just there's also set foot in the crazy business. Many people of the ego is mutually collision, it will be a day that unexpected things happen.

— Please tell us about the features of this work.

Marc this work is an unusual game. Old-fashioned agriculture, fishing, but there is a craft system, at the same time, make a recipe player on their own, rather than to find the answer that has been decided from the beginning, that can be exhibited creativity, trying to make innovative cuisine system best the was poured. Play the beginning of this work I feel a simple system, but, as the proceeding, will become to some of the more deep challenge city. Or won the cooking battle, to order or to achieve a quest, you each player is not we have to figure out the tricks and strategies of your own. Like a winning strategy is not to appear in this film.

In addition, in the story surface, this work has been designed as it is connection with the citizens of Ambrosia, through unforeseen circumstances and shocking situations, be they feel like being in one of the community It will be. In this work, the axis the relationship between friends (and enemies) that Zest meet, the story of progress and humor will be drawn in a unique way.

Humor has been a very important element in this work, but complex and immersive high view of the world is also important. Dialogue and situations of the characters, of course, in this work we are focusing on the world-making, such as laugh player.

— do this work you want to play the kind of person?

Marc agriculture games and story-driven adventure and RPG likes people, is, it will taste those obtained by blending the genre. In addition, this work has a lot of influence from the old days of the game, you have the people who like the old adventure game is a surprise ready. While relaxing slowly, and the craft and cooking, you should fun and unique story to enjoy.

— Do you have any work that this work has been affected?

One of Marc those initially affected, is Mister Alike. This time we are children, Catalonia region also Kinnikuman (the other is one of the anime that was broadcast on (Spain) Dr. Slump Dragon Ball masterpiece such as was being broadcast), we firmly remain in our generation of mind. We think this concept, is not interesting to Once dropped into fantasy, the world's Bulgur. Speaking clearly in those affected by the recent ones, it may be easy to understand better such as Shout of SOMA.

It is also the influence of the other to be just a little...... it is affected by many things Monty Python Black adder Monkey Island, the other to be variations have also affected from the rich animation and fantasy of this. We have ever seen, read and play, all that came to like you'll be the inevitable effect on what makes of us.

— Did you have an impact on the development by the new coronavirus?

Marc There was in many ways, but different from what you might think. Because we are a small team, it was a working online all from before the trial begins. But I knew corona is affected to write the story of this work. So that a person your stomach is empty can represent the most successful food, relationships and friendship of the characters who appear in this work, now quite wonderful can also than I had originally anticipated. Thing ironic, but it is thanks to have lost their interaction with people.

— or delivery and monetization of this work is okay to?

In Marc day and age, I think that it is essential!

— I'd like a last message to Japanese readers.

I am glad and enjoy the Japanese version of Marc this work! We have been enjoying the Japan of entertainment for many years, it is a big fan of creativity that is not bound by It's anything. Dante enjoy playing in such Japanese people what our made, I'm really happy!

--thank you.

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