Launch of the Half Level Editor

Half-Life 2 (also Half-Life ², HλLF-Life ² or λ ²; Short HL2) is a video game and also the successor of the EGO Shooter Half-Life from 1998. The game was once more created by the United States developer studio Valve and on 16. November 2004 from the Distributor Vivaldi Universal published worldwide. Half-Life 2 was besides the vanity shooters Doom 3 and also Far Cry one of the certain tension calculated video game of the year 2004. According to the maker's details, greater than 6.5 million copies of Half-Life 2 were sold worldwide, which has to do with the Valve Established circulation platform Vapor made sales are unidentified. In January 2005, Vivaldi Universal also introduced that 1.7 million Half-LIFE 2 copies have actually been offered in retail in the initial two months. The variety of black duplicates of Half-Life 2 is unknown, however regarding 50,000 accounts of the after that brand-new distribution system Vapor were still blocked for item piracy from Shutoff during the year of magazine.

Friday, Half-Life Alex finally received Steam Workshop support with a beta version that will allow players to create and share their own content, such as new levels, animations, textures and models.

The beta version came with several examples of cards that aim to teach players how VALVE has designed the combat sequences. There are also seven tools at stake that players can use to start creating. Here is a list, according to an official article of the STEAM blog:

Hammer, the latest version of the source level editor 2. Materials Editor, the material for creating and adjusting materials in Source 2.

I made HALF-LIFE... but it's 2D Model, a tool to view, edit and compile templates with animation, collision and other gameplay attributes. Animatograph, our animation tool used to create complex animation configurations with mixtures and transitions. Particle editor, to create new particle effects. Sub-editor, to create intelligent texture sheets called hot spots. Source filmmaker, the cinematic and animation tool source 2.

There is also an ongoing official documentation for beta tools, depending on the blog.

If you want to buy HALF-LIFE ALEX, you should read our review before making a purchase.

Half-Life Alex did not need to do something unexpected, wrote our criticism. It was necessary to prove that all the tools to make a brilliant VR experience — one with a hitting history, a fun and fluid fight and a haunting world — already exist, then run. He did it and upset my expectations from start to finish. »

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