God of War: Ragnarok receives its ages ranking: Kratos is close to unleashing his anger

Rates is every time closer and, no matter how much we hope, God of War: Ragnarök will close the Nordic cycle of the saga. The community is expectant to know the final launch date of this title, so theories quickly pass through the network. This is added the new novelty relative to the Rates adventure: it has appeared listed in the Saudi Arabian age classification system, an indicative data that delivery has reached the final phases of its development.

History Of Kratos - God Of War Raganrok

To anyone's surprise, God of War: Ragnarök has been listed with the equivalent of Peg + 18 as we expected, God of War: Ragnarök has been classified with the equivalent of Peg + 18 in The European system, or m at the American ESB. As we have already mentioned, this practice is usually carried out when the study considers that the game has entered the Final Development Straight, so it is possible that Santa Monica is already finishing polishing the Rates adventure arranging bugs and optimizing versions of PS4 and PS5.

This gives rise to the community begins to theorize about approximate launch dates, since the registration in the age classification system recalls that an imminent announcement could be given. It should be noted that 2022 begins Game loaded For PlayStation, with Horizon Forbidden West (February 18), Gran Tourism 7 (March 4) or Ghost wire: Tokyo (spring) as examples. Therefore, it is possible that Sony wants to push God of War: Ragnarök towards the second or third quarter of the year, which would give one more reason to enjoy video games in mid-2022.

This could coincide with the latest theories about the release of God of War: Ragnarök, since it has been listed in the PlayStation database towards the end of the third quarter of the fiscal year, which does not mean it has been given A final date. In this way, there have been only few users who dream of traveling the Nordic parades on the summer of 2022, although we will have to wait for the Sony confirmation to celebrate such news.


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