Fright for VfL Bochum: Manuel Riemann falls out

Even before the game against Freiburg (2: 1) Riemann had only trained dosed. Then he had delivered on Saturday but a lightning presentation (Michael Esser note 1.0). Since then, he can not run the full goalkeeper program again, so now the stop sign followed.

So it has no purpose, said coach rice after a conversation with his goalkeeper, he does not feel at 100 percent and would be limited in some movements. And because the VFL does not want to experience a longer failure of his number 1, Riemann remains in Augsburg outside.

Esters only use in special cup game

On Saturday, returnees Michael Lesser (34), who has previously completed a single compulsory game in the current season for the VFL. Strange coincidence: That was the cup game of the Bochum vs. Augsburg, as the climber in penalties with 5: 4 won; Lesser offered a very ordinary idea.

Despite missing game practice, Riemann's failure causes no sleepless nights to the Bochum coach. The enormous athletic Lesser brings abundant experience and has demonstrated that it is liable for him in case of cases. Of course it's a bitter failure, but Bruno enjoys our absolute trust, reaffirms rice. He has proven at different clubs that he is a great goalkeeper.

Why is called Michael Lesser Bruno

Incidentally, the nickname Bruno owes Lesser to the current Schalke sport director Rouen Schröder, with which he played together in Mainz. When I got too late for training, he called me Bruno, after the then problem bear in Bavaria, eating it.

Now he will stand on Saturday in Augsburg in the Bochum Tor; Another possible personnel changes Trainers rice did not let it out on Thursday. After all, however, it is clear that Routine Robert Rescue returns to the squad; The last battered Danny Blum will probably also be there again. But of course not in the starting eleven.

For the first time since the first match day, Maxim Latch is expected again, which had celebrated a short comeback against Freiburg. After a long period of forced break due to muscular problems, the central defender is now ready for longer missions.


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