FC Bayern: Musiala draws medium hand bun

FC Bayern is demanded in the English Week of the Bundesliga on Tuesday evening at the VfB Stuttgart. One day before, Trainer Julian Nagelsmann gave an update to the person general position and position to the ultimately invalid Champions League draw. Here you can read all Nagelsmann statements.

Probably the most important news of the afternoon was the medium-hand break of Jamal Musial. Apparently, the youngster moved to this during the Mainz game, Nagelsmann himself did not notice: We still have to wait six, seven days to see how we treat it. But he could play themselves according to regulations and doctors.

Musiala in Goal vs. Nagelsmann & Co. ????⚽️ | FC Bayern Training

Also struck are Corentin Polish, which is still questionable for today's workout. Leon Goretzka was also treated at the knee. Marcel Sanitizer rises again in training today. Otherwise, we have some tired players. Choupo-Moting and Josh are known, the coach explained.

This amount of injury is not unusual for Nagelsmann. On the other hand, these are normal at the end of a force-worthwhile round. For the Stuttgart game, he still expects an exciting game.

Especially against his old companion Pelegrín Matarazzo: I had many funny moments with Matarazzo. He is a mathematician and goes to the games too. Defensive play six, seven different basic arrangements. That's all very variable. On the other hand, one could almost only with own dominance.

FC Bayern: Press Conference with Nagelsmann in the Live ticker for reading

This completes the press conference.

Stuttgart: A team that you can hard to prepare. I had many funny moments with Matarazzo. He is a mathematician and is synonymous with the games. Defensive they play six, seven different basic arrangements. That's all very variable. On the other hand, you can score almost only with your own dominance.

The Bundesliga: This is an all-encompassing question. I would wish that more German teams come to the K.O. Phase. That can happen, and you have to evaluate how the individual games have run. I can hardly evaluate that because I often play at the same time. Subjective Inside I'm a pity for my colleagues because I give them the success of them. In the Bundesliga, good football is played — here there are certain regulations that influence things. But that's complete without rating. In the K.O.-Phase, then, teams are also there that significantly less budget than we have. The DFB's NLS ratings were very important to develop top talents. This is a process where we all need to work. Since we march with German football internationally in the right direction.

Serge Gnabry: He is ready again. 100 percent, you can never predict it, but basically I go out of it. After last year he stabilized. I have incredibly much of him — for years.

Football: I assume that on Thursday again a question about Gimmicks Psyche comes. And when we start in 2022, I generally hope that we are allowed to treat the topic of pandemic a little shorter.

Bavaria bonus: You have to decide. In the end there are always rules. Alone, that we discuss countless days about the discussion, shows that it does not seem so unique. And then it is a matter of interpretation and the referee decides then. I have never been told as a coach of another club that Bayern has won with Duel.

Joshua Gimmick: Basically, I find it good that he has asked the media representatives. It was reported a lot about him in recent weeks. I always find it good if a person expresses his opinion. I told him my mind, in the end, however, this conviction has run from other persons in the club. Furthermore, I'm trying to work on the field. For this we are a big club, there was under warranty one or the other conversation.

Winter break: I'm looking forward to Friday evening, but now that's not in my head. The energy balance of the team will be good again. We also have to look like fresh the CFB and how intensively the opponent can design it.

Jamal Musial: I would like all the players. I take care of the players who are there and look that I'm preparing them well on the game. These injuries are normal at the end of a powerful first round.

The staff: The staff situation is allowed, Polish is struck, where we decide now if he trains or not. Jamal has broken and shared the medium hand bone. The break has happened in the game. We still have to wait six, seven days to determine how we treat it. He could play according to regulations and doctors. We also treat Leon Goretzka's knee more, we still have to decide if he is going on. Marcel Sanitizer rises again today. Otherwise, we have some tired players. Choupo-Moting and Josh are known.

Marc Rock: Perspective is always at the end of the player. Marc Rock trains very hardworking, is very character and does his opinion. In Kiev, he was too ambitious, most recently in the Bundesliga he has made a good job. I always like it when a player is in a good mood and always gives gas.

Games with Leipzig against Atlético: This is certainly not a disadvantage. At the time, Atlético played with other staff and other formation.

Nagelsmann over the CL draw: Good Los, good opponent. Very nice city and a great stadium. We last played with Leipzig against Atlético. They have been very successful for years and with an incredibly emotional coach. But it is not that you just park in the back. You have a good footballing quality. Now it has been the same basic order for almost one and a half years.

Let's go! Peacefully enter the Bavaria Responsible the room — Nagelsmann is ready.

FC Bayern: Press Conference with Nagelsmann today in the live ticker — before starting

Before starting: From a personal point of view, there are some question marks, especially in the midfield center. Joshua Gimmick is only a topic in the new year. Against Mainz, Leon Goretzka (Patellasende) and Marcel Sanitizer (thigh) fell out. Is it enough for one of the two for use against the CFB? And what about Corentin Polish?

Before starting: Its focus will be primarily on the guest game in Swabia on Tuesday evening. Through the 2: 1 work victory against Mainz and the simultaneous draw of BVB in Bochum, the projection of the record champion has grown to six points. Until the winter break, the FCB certainly does not want to do it.

Before starting: Let's start today at 12.30 in the Media Center. That it will not only be about the upcoming opponent in the press hour, it also has to do with what is going on shortly before in the UEFA headquarters in Non. There is determined to whom the FCB meets in the second round of the Champions League. How does Nagelsmann appreciate the lot?

Before starting: Welcome to the press conference of FC Bayern with Coach Julian Nagelsmann before the game against the VfB Stuttgart.

FC Bayern: Press Conference with Nagelsmann today in the LiveStream

As usual, you can also follow the press conferences for Bayern games for free in the Linebacker. The FCB offers a stream on its homepage, which starts at 12 o'clock on the program.

Sports Management Hasan Salihamidzic will accompany the draw of the Champions League live there and explain directly what he has to say to the Bavaria opponent in the round of the best 16. Afterwards, the PK continues with Nagelsmann.

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