Dutch Jarno Opmeer for the second time in a row F1 per champion

F1 2021 My Team Career Mode Part 38: THE GREATEST OVERCUT IN F1 2021? The F1 Esports Series are a yearly competitor of SIM Racing, arranged by the Solution One Management and Liberty Media, on the F1 Gaming Code masters Studios since 2017. The competitors are open to gamers from around the globe with the game. Nearly all the Formula 1 stables are officially associated with the F1 Esports Collection since 2018, sometimes in association with acknowledged teams of Esport, like Team Vigor for Renault or Venice Competing at Saber. All stables are officially included considering that 2019 with the arrival of the Sumeria Ferrari.

Mercedes driver and defending champion Arno Peer lay with 140 points in front of the three final races on the routes of IMOCA, Mexico and Brazil in the championship front. Tight followed by Aston Martin driver Lucas Blakely (135 points) and Red Bull Handlebar Frederik Rasmussen (132).

A little carelessness or tactical faux pas would immediately bury any title hope in the premier class of SIM racing. Too high the power density, to marginally the distances within the races.

The script for the final event, hardly someone could have written better.

The final showdown?

And so it was Frederik Rasmussen, who had to put in the qualification on the first-time represented route of IMOCA, Italy a severe damper. From starting place 15 he hardly seemed more opportunities to have the title.

But if it is possible in the narrow F1 ESPORT, then comeback. And while Blakely and Peer pride almost half the race around the podium places, Rasmussen raced from behind.

With a tactical clever tire change, he was still struggling at position three, and it was Blakely, who had to get out of the championship race by a brief carelessness extremely upset. He taught the bodies in front of him, damaged his wing and became at the end of Tenth. OPM EER as a second built his lead continues to expand.

there were only two

The route of Mexico subsequently showed the effects of the narrow field of the F1 ESPORT series. If all 20 racing cars fit into a camera view, everything is said about the quality of the races.

Only tactical masterpieces secure the victory. Exactly the Netherlands Arno Peer played again from the hat. With an exactly quoted overtaking maneuver on the long start-target straight of the course of Mexico City, he still started the guided Danes Rasmussen in the very last lap.

No chance to counter — Match ball Peer.

Tactical masterpiece

With 21 points projection and a maximum of 26 per race, the Mercedes star already had a hand firmly at the trophy.

But Team Red Bull did not give up. With the German Marcel Pine on starting position two of the prestigious course of Interlagos, Brazil, was not less than a team of team in demand.

Even if Rasmussen went back from position ten into the race, he and his teammate pine drove the tactical game to perfection. The German took over the top while the Dane was waiting for his pit stop for a long time.

This was Kaiser's chance to brake the field with a defensive masterpiece. Rasmussen on much fresher mature fought past half the field plus peer and drove to victory.

Deserved title defense

But with the Mercedes pilot in four place, the dot yield in the end was too low. The Dutch Arno Peer defends his title and becomes F1 Esport Series Champion for the second time. The team trophy also goes to Mercedes after 2018 for the second time.

I knew I only need to get aft, no matter what Frederik does in the race. I have the race as well as managed and the necessary points retracted, said the Dutchman after his championship win.

With a total of four wins from twelve races, Speer was the most successful and constant F1 ESPORT pilot and thus achieves the deserved title defense.


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