At the end of the century, the staple food of people is Spa-kun...? We tried to make spa-kun character valve at the end of the century new DLC Shelter of the cooking sim Cooking Simulator !

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Licking' Good Dating Simulator is a dating sim established by Stop. The video clip game was appointed by the restaurant chain KFC as well as launched completely free on Vapor on September 24, 2019. A parody of traditional dating sims, the primary goal of the player is to create a romantic partnership with a fictionalized variation of KFC's creator Colonel Sanders, portrayed as an attractive classmate at a cooking school. The release of the video game follows the reintroduction of Colonel Sanders into KFC's marketing projects in 2015, and also becomes part of the business's technique to make the Colonel a part of pop culture, reimagining the historic number for modern-day times. The video game effectively got spotlight due to the can-you-believe-it facility both before and after the video game's launch.

A new DLC has appeared as a cooking sim cooking simulator that is an exquisite ingredients and recipes, and an exquisite comical rampage operation.

The name is also Cooking Simulator-Shelter. In addition to the basic content restaurant, it is a series that has continued with Cake & Cookies of the theme of candy, Pizza!, Which operates a pizzeria, this stage is Debts World.

DLC that keeps cooking to meet the family in the wedge that is devastated by the nucleus

The world is drawn by the nucleus that is drawn by the carrier mode which does the mission along the story. It was the main character who lives with the family in the rough land, but one day suddenly his loving his wife and the child will be welded by anyone. Following a slight clue and reaching the shelter of the sector 12 (Shelter), to make a dish to borrow the help of the residents and to interact.

Conventional Let's get a first-class chef and earn a fame! You will see your skills and ideas! In the radioactive world, we have not been able to get familiar food, etc., and a completely different cooking experience is waiting for you. If you are concerned about the story of the story, please play the carrier mode until the end.

By the way, this time, as an introduction to DLC that only such terminical worldwide ingredients appear, we will challenge spoken in Sandbox mode where you can enjoy content freely. It is a challenge for the pizza edition, but let's get on the boom because it is popular with the world's middle character valve!

Today's menu is Spa style soup

It is a challenge every time in the Cooking Simulator spa creation, but it is so blue food shortage. Spa's body and loving cheeks are blue-like shades, but basically it is a color that reduces appetite and is not common as food.

However, in the world contaminated by this radioactivity, it is only a mysterious ingredient that is relaxed or purple, so it is not troubled for coloring. Use a bright mushroom. However, since it is not possible to prepare a large and rounded ingredients that will be the basis of the face, it will cover with anchoring.

The face parts are represented by tomatoes in the red mouth. The big eye of the charm point will cut celery roots and purple ball onions into appropriate sizes. The nose seems to be exactly good for this monster eyeball. All ingredient are lightly sorted on the iron plate with light butter.

The base of the face is a soup of white beans. I will throw a white bean canned into a dose and a pot, and mix it with a seasoning of water oil and mix it with a feeling of good feeling. Don't forget to make it all shattered with the mixer, as the ingredients are remaining.

From here, it is serviced. Normally, it is not possible to fill the soup first, but it is the point to arrange ingredients in the shape of the face first in the Cooking Simulator that will fight against Fix. After that, just pour the soup sucked out of the pot at the spot. Sometimes I think that I was able to do! If you lift the plate, carefully operate it because the ingredients may penetrate and fall.

Since I was able to make a face unexpectedly, I also make a body this time. Since there is a long vertical kebab plate, we will make meat dishes that are eaten by the body. First, because of the meat that is food, it goes on hunting.

Well, let's sprinkle the spice and bake it carefully if you want to put it wonderfully. After that, just cut it to feel that you can see. Use the sources of eggplants for body coloring. Cut finely and simmer with the feeling seasoning. Oh, please be careful about radioactivity value when choosing food. It is dangerous if it gets too high.

At the end, the body is also filled with a good feeling. Tonight dinner is served with Salsa Happen of white beans and with the source of the wilderness chicken some eggplant.

Well, since it is the end of the end of the end, I would like to evaluate the sweetness, even though I can eat some appearance without worrying.

Cooking Simulator-Shelter with nice dishes and nice dishes are well-being launched

Cooking Simulator, who enjoys such free cooking, and a little shooting, is well-being launched. If you make it faithfully created in the basic recipe, you will also have a nice dish, but the difference between the completed image and the reality is a certain understanding.

Cooking Simulator is also held at a beta test of Poltergeist Multiplayer Mode where you can enjoy online multiplayer with friends. It is scheduled until January 19, 2022. How about a gaming life for forgetting a meal?


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