Wow: Two tips with which your Fast Your Korthia Transmog

CONFUSED? Patch 9.1 Korthia & Maw Guide: Fast Rep, Gear Mounts & MORE! Every day other NPCs and quests are available in Parthia. Sometimes these NPCs of your pact have a task part that rewards you with a Tran smog item. This completes one of your pact sets. If you select your pact set in your Tran smog Collection, select the drop-down menu and select Parthia, you can see which items are still missing you.

However, the quests are not there every day or grant you an item that has already owned. And so some players have still not fulfilled their Parthia transmit set after several months. With two simple tips, however, you can increase the chance of the right items.

Tip 1 for the Parthia Set: Change Pact

For this you have to unlock the free packing change with any character — so the glory 80 has reached.

In Parthia, you conclude the quests that grant you transmit items. But you do not give it off. Go to Tribes and changed the packages there. With each parcel change, the reward of the Parthia quest changes. So check for each pallet change, what the quest reward has changed and changes until the pact offers you a reward that you do not yet own.

Tip 2 for the Parthia set: relog

Sometimes it happens that you will receive a transmit item equal to two quests. Unfortunately, Blizzard has not taken care that, for example, both quests offer the shoes as Tran smog. You can do that partially: concludes the first quest, in this example, sack the shoes and log out. When logging in again, the second NPC, which actually also had the shoes, has another Tran smog Item part.

With these tricks you accelerate the completion of your Parthia sets. Do you have tricks how to get to the transmit items faster? Write us in the comments.


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