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Foster and Splice in Construct a zoo

Reproduction and splice are the main game mechanics in Construct a zoo, and you can not do any unwrapping splicing. But in general, each process is simple. Each species has several variants, which means a change in its color or pattern. The breeding of two animals in the nursery allows a new variant to be discovered. However, the joint is the process of splicing two species, such as the body of a pork and the head of a duck to make a Piguck.

However, to splice using CRISPR, you must have each variant of two different species. In this way, it will spend much more time raising animals than splicing from the beginning. However, CRISPR can also clone any variant of any animal you have had in your zoo, which can be quite useful.

Ferraging animals and obtaining new variants in Construct a zoo

Once you unlock the daycare through the research center, you can raise two couples of animals at a time and, of course, you will need a male and a female of each species that are fertile, which means that they can not Be too young or too old.

Start by by selecting the species of animal You want to raise, and a list of all possible couples and their results will appear. You will notice that, if you only have two equal variants in your zoo, you can still raise them to discover a new variant. However, it is only a possibility that discovers a new variant, sometimes up to 50%, and other times the possibilities will be scarce.

In addition, raising the same animal or animals using the nursery will increase your breeding experience, which can help increase the chances of a new variant.

Later, you can also unlock reduced pregnancy time and ultrasound at the research center, which allows you to see with what variant the animal is pregnant. If you see that it is a variant that you already have, you can also interrupt pregnancy (without moral consequences) and try again until you get the variant you are looking for.

Tip: Animals are reproduced alone in the enclosures.

Whenever there is at least one fertile male and a fertile female of the same species, they have the opportunity to reproduce themselves, which can be very useful to discover new variants, but can not be controlled in the way it can be used The nursery. Filling an enclosure (of a size large enough) with at least 10 of the same species will result in frequent natural reproduction.

Let's Build a Zoo - BREEDING CRAZY CRITTERS! - Demo/First Look, Let's Play

Tip: Check the animal shelter in Florida to meet new variants.

This is an excellent way to discover new variants in Construct a zoo or quickly buy variants that you like more. On the world map, click on the animal shelter located in Florida to see which animals can be rescued (for a low price). You will know if a variant is new for you if it says new in your icon.

Use of CRISPR and Splice in Construct a zoo

Spliced ​​animals can increase the popularity of their zoo and, therefore, justify higher ticket prices. First you will have access to the splice from the beginning when a corporation will ask you to build a CRISPR in your zoo.

However, to spliced ​​on your own, you will need to discover each variant of an animal first, also known as mapping of genomes, which will not happen for a while. This is where the breeding comes into play. Meanwhile, the corporation will occasionally offer to spliced ​​some animals using their CRISPR, although they will be the simplest animals such as geese, pigs and capibaras. But in this way, you can get some species spliced ​​from the beginning.

You can also cloning variants with CRISPR, which can be very useful for breeding. If you discover that an animal is no longer fertile but you need that variant to continue discovering new variants, you can clone it with the CRISPR.

In addition, CRISPR retains the DNA of each variant discovered, which means that it is not necessary to have that specific variant currently in its zoo to splicing or cloning it. You just need to have had it at your zoo in the past.

Take advantage of cloning and natural reproduction

The cloning of variants is a useful way to maintain a wide range of variants at its zoo. Because playback naturally can also lead to the discovery of new variants, maintaining more types in a single enclosure means greater chances of discovering new variants without using the nursery.

When you are ready to splic

Once finally discovered all the variants of at least two species in Construct a zoo, you can free them freely, although the result can not be controlled. You can only choose what two species join. For example, after selecting the giraffe as the first species and the elephant as the second, the coloration they take randomized. There are more than 300,000 possible outcomes through the splice, and with more than 50 different species to cross, there are certainly some extravagant creations that can be discovered in Construct a zoo. Hopefully this Construct a zoo The junction and reproduction guide helped! more Construct a zoo guides


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