Thick fish at the Angel: Hannover brings Quenstedt from Kiel

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The first TSV access for the season 2022/23 is a well-known: The 32-year-old Quested comes from Master THE Kiel and has signed a contract by 30 June 2024 at the Lower Saxony.

We are very pleased that we can present the first new addition to the next season with the commitment of Dario. He has demonstrated his quality in the Bundesliga in the Tu s N-Lübbecke, the SC Magdeburg or most recently at the THE Kiel, Underlined the sporty head of stretching, ex-professional Sven-Sören Christopher sen. Quested is an experienced goalkeeper who will help our team athletic and human to new impulses.

In addition to international experiences in the Champions League and the EHF Cup, the final person can look back on 15 missions for the national team. TSV coach Christian Proof knows the 1.93 meter goalkeeper from common Magdeburg days: Dario is a very good goalkeeper who has a good interaction with the defense. He has also gained experience in national and international handball. Our contact is never demolished over the years. I am pleased about his commitment.

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Quested gets the back number 21 with its new club. I had several offers from the Bundesliga and abroad. In Hanover, the overall package fit for me, said the final man. The decisive factor was the talks with the responsible persons of the association, especially with Christian Prop, whom I know from the past as a trainer and very treasures. But also the training conditions in Hanover and the relative proximity to my parents, relatives and friends have played a role Together with his future goalkeeper partner, the 32-year-old wants to help to stabilize the defense and so the basis for Tempo handball to lay. The aim is The upper regions of the Bundesliga table — and for him personally more operating times than last at THE. Currently, is the TSV Tables-15. The HBL.


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