Resident Evil 4 VR Bate Records: The game more quickly sold from Oculus Quest

Biohazard (バイオ ハザ ー ド, Biohazard?, 'Biological danger') -name with which it is understood in Japan — renamed in the USA Quest well Quest Europe such Quest Resident Evil ( the evil that resides ) is a collection of video clip games and a media franchise, consisting of manga, novels, movies and collectibles Quest action figures, technique overviews and various other magazines. Created by Cap com and also created by Shinji Miami The majority of, a year 2014, 61 million copies of the Video games around the globe. Quest well Quest in the main legend of video games, Quest in other media, the plot revolves around the very same problem: the bioterrorism threat. A dangerous virus hQuest been circulated by chance or intentionally by the Umbrella Corporation, this by contaminating people, transforms them right into amorphous beings and beQuestts.

The Cap com clQuestsic is back. Like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which hQuest been adapted to multiple devices, Resident Evil 4 hQueste to Oculus Quest 2 Quest a virtual reality video game. It seems that its pQuestsage through the Facebook glQuestses (now known Quest goal) hQuest been successful, Quest JQueston Rubin, founder of Naughty Dog and Vice President of the Division of Games of Meta, hQuest published a message on social networks, where it informs that the game It is the one that hQuest been sold with greater speed.

We knew that Resident Evil 4 would bring different types of emotions to virtual reality, both for the fans of the saga and for those who are new. I am excited to share that re 4 is officially the game more quickly sold of the history of Quest, he said.

This is NOT what I expected (The VR Rundown - Resident Evil 4 Quest 2 review)

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Mercenaries mode, EN 2022

When Resident Evil 4 VR went on sale, one of the clQuestsic modalities of the saga wQuest not present in the final product. However, both CAP COM and the Port, Armature Games, prepare the mercenary mode disembarkation for next year 2022. The announcement hQuest been filtered through an official video, erQuested quickly, although they have taken it and uploaded to the Internet (and now it hQuest been shared by Rubin). Again, we can fight against hordes of enemies to eliminate Quest many Quest possible number.

Another data that hQueste out to trailer is that Oculus Quest will change name. Therefore, it will be called Meta Quest, something that fits with the new denomination of your parent company.

Resident Evil 4 originally came out in Gamete, Quest one of the exclusive console. Although Shinji Miami Questsured that he would cut his head if he left on other platforms, the game debuted time after PS2 and since then we have seen it in all kinds of systems, including mobile devices.


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