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The November terminates somewhat calmer than he started, but so quietly, it is still a long way: This week, you shall be the farmer or experience with two famous Gauls an adventure.

Farming Simulator 22 | 22nd of November

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Stadia

Starts tractors, fields prepares and adapts to the animals: The Farming Simulator 22 is coming. For the new series, part of the Swiss developer of software Giants have also ready with some new features that make the simulator a bit more extensive.

On the one hand you are allowed you let off steam in three different cards, one of which you recently and the other brings to the United States in the Mediterranean south of France. Secondly, the Farming Simulator 22 performs the four seasons a revised animal breeding, implemented traceable production chains and, of course, also offers new machinery and equipment. Finally, the developers honing their technology and improved graphics.

The release of Farming Simulator 22 is doing this year to six platforms at the same place. In addition to the PC, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the next-gen consoles PlayStation and Xbox 5 Series X / S and Google Stadia be served.

Deaths Door | November 23

PS4 / PS5 / switch

In the world of Deaths Door crows take care of the work as a Soul Collector: You harvest the dead, and stamp the clock. One day, however, stole a soul, youve got to crow as combative in a kingdom issue that has not been visited by death. And here is a host of dangers to you.

Portfolio Questions - 18 November 2021

With various melee and ranged weapons and magic you fight as a crow in search of the lost soul through a partly desolate world. However, if you have to be careful, because mistakes are immediately punished in Deaths Door. Away from the battles you come with strange characters in contact, which have a completely different view of the world beyond the death.

Deaths Door has been published in July for PC and Xbox consoles. The developers of Acid Nerve and publisher Revolver Digital now pushing for even a release for the PlayStation consoles and the Nintendo Switch.

Aster ix & Felix: Slap Them All! | 25. November

PC / PS4 / Xbox One / switch

Comic Versifying the Third: After the Smurfs and the Marsupials also get two very famous Gauls a new game. In Aster ix & Ob lix: Slap Them All, the two comic book heroes fight with countless Romans, pirates, robbers and Normans.

Playful expects you a classic fighting game, which you either alone or cooperatively play can. For the visual realization of the developers is based on the comic book and fully drawn characters, background scenes and animations by hand. This should especially fan of the series immediately find the optical entry.

The release takes place here as with the other two comic implementations for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch instead. An implementation for the PlayStation and Xbox 5 Series X / S has not yet been announced.

Lens Iceland | 26 November


In Lens Iceland their lands, the name of justice to, on an island, there are the new. As in Star dew Valley or Harvest Moon you have to prove to you now and in different ways. So you can, for example, a small house build, create a farm and bring in the harvest day.

Alternatively it accesses sword and card and tries to explore the surroundings. There waiting dark caves with nasty monsters on you, but where you can grab and exciting prey. In addition, you can click on one or another secret encounter.

The release of Lens Iceland this year takes place only once instead of just for the PC and only in the Early Access on Steam. The phase should take about two to three years, depending on development progress and success.

The last full week of November has once again a highlight for simulators fans: The new Farming Simulator is coming. If you prefer, however, is on European comic heroes can go to Romans hunting with Aster ix and Felix.


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