Pokémon Go: Learning frustration - 15 monsters that are worthwhile

Pokemon Go you can currently lose frustration. We from Mango show you where monsters are particularly worthwhile and how changing the loading attack works.

What is frustration? With frustration is a loading attack that get your Crypto Pokémon after catching. As long as you do not redeem this monster, this attack remains. On a few days a year, Pokémon Go offers you the chance of frustration with the help of a loading TM.

One of these periods runs at the moment, as part of the Rocket Event a long shadow returns. How long team Rocket will ensure trouble for anger, Ni antic was not officially called. According to the bonus advertisement in the today area of ​​the game, but you should have the opportunity to use this option until 13 November.

Why should you lose frustration? With frustration is a bad loading attack. Many other attacks can convince better in the fight. Of course, you could simply redeem your Crypto-Pokémon so that it can learn other attacks, but that s not recommended.

Crypto-Pokémon have a 20% stronger attack compared to the normal version. Even if you have lost in the same frame in the defense, the strong copies for use in RAID or Arena struggles are excellent. It is important to lose the attack frustration.

These 15 monsters should forget frustration

Not with every Pokémon it is worthwhile to keep this as Crypto and to lose the loading attack. But above all strong attackers can benefit from the Crypto Boost, which is why changing frustration in these monsters is particularly offered.

We looked at what 15 monsters are worth the leaching of the loading attack and have summarized them summarized below.


Moot is still one of the best attackers in Pokémon Go. Did you catch a strong Crypto at Giovanni in the past, then you should definitely lose the loading attack frustration at this monster?

In order to get a particularly strong Moot, you should pay attention to a combination of the instant attack confusion and the loading attack psychosis. However, you have to spend a top-load TM for learning the loading attack, as it is a special event attack.

If you do not want to spend these, then attacks psychokinesis instead. Alternatively, Moot can also learn more attacks that do not belong to his psycho-type, such as ice beam, focuses, flame throw or thunder blitz.


The legendary electric Pokémon Haiku comes from the 2nd generation and is also one of the best attackers in the game. There was also this monster in the past at Giovanni in the Crypto variant. If you can get a strong copy, you should definitely lose frustration.

Instead, instead access a combination of thunder shock or voltage and electricity. While thunder shock loads a little faster, valley changes caused more damage. This is a strong electric move set for your next fight.


Disciple is a legendary Pokemon of the type of fire. It also involves the best attackers and is worth having a decent attack in his crypto form.

So frustration laughs and prefer to equip Heat collector with the loading attack. As an instant attack, fire tooth supplements the optimal move set.

Lava dos, Zap dos and Arts

Lava dos and Zap dos besides Arts to the 1st Generation Bird Pokémon. While Lava dos belongs to the types of fire and flight, Zap dos type electron and flight. Arts brings the types of ice and flight.

Lava dos: Especially Lava dos can score as a strong flight attacker and as a strong fire-pokémon in the game. For this reason, you should equip it with a Move set from fireproof and sky sweep.

As a pure flight attacker, however, you should put on wing strike and heaven sweep. For a pure fire attacker, however, fire vortex and heat collector are suitable. However, heavenly sweepers are an event attack, which is why it can only be learned with a top loading TM.

ZAP DOS: Unlike Lava dos, ZAP DOS is a strong electric attacker. Crypto-Pokémon can convince with the attacks Thunder shock and Thunder blitz.

Arts: The Ice and Flight Pokémon Arts has rather a strength in defense in contrast to the other two bird-pokémon. For this reason, it plays an interesting role especially in the GO-KAMMPFIGA.

If you want to change the loading attack frustration with Arts also, a move set from ice splinters, ice storm and organ is recommended. However, organ is an event attack, which is why you need to use a top-loading TM (via pvpoke.com).


The Dragon and Flight Pokémon Brand is the last further development of child worm. It is under the best dragon attackers. The Additional Attack Boot of Cryptos pushes it right again, why your Brand frustration should be unlearning.

It is best to put in the loading attacks on Draco Meteor or Footfall. Platinum requires a top load TM because it is an event attack. As a quick instant attack, dragon rod is suitable.


Another strong electric attacker is the Pokémon Elevated next to Haiku and Zap dos. It can be developed from elect. Sets the best way to the Move set Thunder shock and electricity. So you are prepared for the next fight.


Combat Pokémon Mahomes is the last further development of Apollo, which is also available at Team Go Rocket as Crypto. Mahomes is one of the strongest combat attackers in the game, so it s worth changing the loading attack frustration.

On the other hand, relies on a move set from counter and wuchtschlag. In the future, you should have particularly good cards against normal Pokémon.


One of the top rock attackers is Despot. At the Pokémon of the type of rock and inappropriately, it is the last further development of Larvae. His best Move set is catapult and stone edge. However, catapult is a special event attack. To learn this, you need a top instant TM.


A strong water and soil attacker offers you Sump ex. The Pokémon can be developed by Hydro pi via Moorabbel. If you want a strong water crypto, then you should put on a move set made of aquaknarre and aquaubeat heaven. However, you need a top-loading TM to learn aquaubeat.

As a soil attacker, it can score with a combination of clay shot and earthquake. And in the GO-KAMMPFIGA, Crypto Sump ex can convince. Here you should put on the following attacks: Clay shot, aquatic and mudhole (via pvpoke.com).


The strongest ice attacker in Pokémon Go is Samuel, which is why the ice and soil Pokémon must not be missing during the lurching of frustration. It can be developed by Quite about Label.

Its strongest Move set is the combination of powder snow and avalanche.


The Dragon and Flight Pokémon Dragon is the last development of Dating. This is regularly found at Team Go Rocket. If you can get a strong copy, then your frustration should be unlearning.

For the instant attack we recommend you dragon rod. Best on the loading attacks Footfall or Draco Meteor. For Draco Meteor, however, you need a top-loading TM.


The last further development of Tunnel is the steel and psycho-Pokémon Metaclass. It is one of the best steel attackers in the game, which is why it is worthwhile to unlearn frustration. Puts here on a move set made of cartridge weave and star work.


However, starry is a special event attack, which is why you need to use a top load TM to learn.

How can you unclear frustration?

Frustration is usually a solid attack that can not be easily relieved over the year. To provide players this opportunity, there are regular Rocket events, which enables you to use this option.

You can then change the loading attack by using a so-called loading TM or top-loading TM. Whether you already get a loading TM or top-loading TM, you see in your Item bag.

The difference between loading TM and top-loading TM

The loading TM will receive it through different rewards, including by accident after a RAID. If you enter this, then the existing loading attack will change by random. So you can not influence the desired attacks. So you want to have a certain attack, then you only have the opportunity to try your luck again.

On the other hand, the Top-Lade TM can only be purchased by certain community boxes in the In game Shop. These are usually available to the community days. Have you already acquired one and sets them, then a window opens, where you can select an attack. In addition, you can also learn special event loading attacks with this item, which does not work with the loading TM.

So you can change the attack

The procedure is basically the same for both attacks. You go in your Item bag and click on the corresponding loading TM. This will open your Pokémon storage, and you can select your desired monster.

By clicking on the corresponding Pokémon, the attack is either randomly changed (load-TM) or you get the selection window where you can decide for an attack (Top-Lade-TM).

Alternatively, you can also search your desired monster in the Pokémon storage. If you then click on the menu and the item Items in your Pokémon mask, opens your Item bag, and you can choose the desired loading TM. Again, depending on whether it is a loading TM or Top-Lade TM, the attacks are randomly awarded or can be selected.

ATTENTION: Have you released the loading attack frustration and still releases your monsters later, then this Pokémon automatically learns the attack return. In this case, you have to change the attack again. So prefer to prove in advance whether you want to keep the monsters in your Crypto form to give away no valuable (top) loading TM.

Have you already learned frustration with your Crypto-Pokémon? Which monsters can you find the change of the loading attack worthwhile? And which Move set did you taught your Pokémon? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments.

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