Past and future regular battle! High speed action FPS Decide stylish battle with Bright Memory: Infinite ! [Bakuple play repo]

James Robert Reborn (born September 1, 1948, in Philadelphia, † March 21, 2014, in South Orange) was an American star that joined over one hundred TV collection, films and also plays.

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I don t know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto as soon as possible, explosion play repo.

This time, a personal developer FYQD-STUDIO is developing, PLAY ISM is responsible for Publisher, and November 12th, 2021, high-speed action FPS Bright Memory: Infinite Released for PC (Windows) at Steam. We would like to deliver the contents of life (, Xbox Series X / S). Thankfully I received the opportunity to play this work early to the middle of the middle of the release, so this article will be introduced based on the version at that time.

What is Bright Memory: Infinite ?

The main work of the Bright Memory followed by an anomalous phenomenon of the future of the 2036, which is a surveyor of the Supernatural Science Research Organization (SRO), and the enemy that strikes one after another High-speed stylish action FPS that defeats.

The battle is a great feeling of fierce bosses and refreshing to sweep up the miscellaneous fish enemies using guns, swords and special abilities.

Graphic is very well-made, and we are expressing a view of the world where the near future and history are mixed. I can taste a little sightseeing feeling for the viewing lots of exoticism, so it was enough to move the map. Let s introduce you soon.

Operation and setting

Operation of this work is compatible with keyboards & mouse or controller, and the authors play Xbox One controller with wireless connection. Only keyboard & mouse is supported for key configuration settings. Personally, the controller is likely to play, because it was often required to have a pretty busy operation during play.

Language is fully compatible with Japanese. Some familiar kanji appeared, but it is well created overall. Moreover, a Japanese voice is prepared from the main character including the main character from the main character, and the news screen reflected in the television monitor in the beginning movie is also Japanese language response and luxurious. The voice actor who has been executed is as follows (honorific abbreviation).

SIA: Ashikaga Lynn General: Ken taro Tone

Wake: Tanaka Chiang Secretary: Tumor Keri Ten Empire: Kawasaki News Castor: Mizuki Festival Enemy guard: Ito Hair, Kawasaki

Graphics can adjust each setting item such as a refresh rate, and high quality without complaints about the image quality. Some information densities in the screen are clogged, and the image quality setting was lowered to low, it did not feel like there was a big difference. Sorry for the ray tracing function, which is one of the highlights...... PC specs can not be confirmed...... It would be nice if you could check this introduction video instead.

DLC · Soundtrack

Five LCS and soundtracks are also delivered to the releases of this work. The main character s costume and weapon skins can be changed in the original game, but more types have been added with DLC. Some unlocks need to meet the conditions of the game, so let s challenge.

About soundtracks, emperor Sound and Music is in charge of music in the game. GOD OF WAR III, Devil May Cry 5, Devil May Cry 5, Biohazard Re: 2, Lost Soul ASIDE composer, Devil May Cry 5, Devil May Cry 5, Lost Soul ASIDE. Cody Soul ASIDE. I am working. If you are interested, please see the interview video above.


This work has four difficulty, such as leisure, violence, revenge, and hell, which supports so-called EASY, NORMAL, HARD, VERY HARD. Hell, which is the highest degree of difficulty, is unlocked by clearing the game in Revenge.

The impact of difficulty levels is such as increase or decrease in damage or changes in the hit rate of enemy guns. Anyway, this writing will select the difficulty level Violence and play...... No, this way is something that is a little.

Tempo Good Development

In the beginning movie, the protagonist shear private is projected. Her gentle time suddenly changes from the phone from Chen Secretary, a boss, and she will go to the ground to investigate the abnormal weather that suddenly occurred.

The scene switches the shear that falls into the cockpit of the fighter. From here, I fly to the site with a warp and seamlessly connected to her operation part. I thought this moment Warp technology Anna!?, but rather thanks to this scene, I will continue after this, the black hole floating in the sky! Space-time distortion! Ancient soldier! Appeared of a paradise (?)! I was swallowed a lot of furious development.

This work has cleared each scene (stage level) and proceeds, and the current flow in the scene moves the area of ​​one road while processing the miscellaneous fish enemies, defeats the innermost boss and clears. Background, graphics are made thoroughly, and the actions rushing with a high and low difference map and rushing through the wall runs, so they are easy to move simply, so it is fun to move simply.

Among them, the movie is short and sandwiched at the timing of scene conversion, such as introduction, area switching, boss appearance (including medium boss). If you change the costume at that time, Another fun will also be born.

By the way, the ATE operation may be required during the movie, but the content is simple as it is easy.

Anyway, the distribution of this movie and the operation part feels a very good balance without disturbing the tempo during play.


The main character SIA who wears special electromagnetic armors has a physical strength gauge and an energy gauge. Each gauge is damaged or decreased with the use of skills, and both recovered over time. However, if you push to the flock of the enemy without thinking about the enemy s flock, the recovery will be returned as it is, so it is basically good to fight around the battle and avoidance. If you have weapons and skills, you will increase the choice of fierce skills more violently, so the first stylish action will be accelerated.


Let s introduce each weapon from here. The image is an assault rifle for an assault rifle from the image. The aim is good to shoot with limbo and use a good site.

There are four types of guns that appear in this work, and there are shotguns, handguns and sniper rifles in addition to assault rifles. As you can see from the above images, you can also see the action to watch the gun. However, since actions other than movement are sealed until this action is completed, it will be great if it will be under battle during battle.

Also, because the special bullets that can be used for each gun are different, it is good to use it according to the situation. Normal bullets and special bullets are available frequently while moving area, and if you play enemy attacks, it may be better to try to trigger it as it is better than preserved because the number of remaining bullets recover not.

Nearby weapon

If you close the bullet from the long distance, let s attack with the light blade of the proximity weapon. Simple slashing, launched in the air, chopping, attacking attacks and close weapons of this work are very excellent. Of course, it is possible to defeat the enemy alone, but since energy is exhausted, it may be more efficient if the skill reinforcement described later is still more efficient.

Shoot the enemy launched in the air with a gun.


In addition, items that are placed in the area are broken by close weapons and skills and items are available.

????️ BRIGHT MEMORY EPISODIO 1 | ACCIÓN BRUTAL | Gameplay Español Skill

I mentioned a little earlier, but each weapon is allocated, and the initial skill can be unlocked by collecting a fixed number of eggs that can be acquired in the area.

Objects are probably a valuable item, so you have to think carefully... If you think, Pom pong came out enough to have the skills in no time.

Skills grabbed enemies at the early stage and attract them, and flying to opposition by grapple. In addition, if further strengthening is projected, a special effect is given to the bullet, and the armor s armor is scolded, and the rotating beam blade is leaked with a sword, and it becomes possible to repeat the driving beam blade. To go.

Personally, attacking attacks is also useful for boss wars, so I would like to get it.

One twisting of production

In some scenes, there is a scene that infiltrates the enemy area with all equipment is temporarily disabled. So I moved while hiding in the scenes so as not to be found in the enemy, sometimes assassin the enemy from behind the enemies, such as assassination from behind, so it s a stealth game with tension, changing and tense. This work is no longer a twist for such production and does not get tired of playing.


The opponent fighting by the hero SIA is roughly divided into a modern soldier, an ancient soldier, a paradise (?) And there is a type such as a close-proof and long distance type. It is necessary to note that each combat approach is somewhat different.

Common soldier

The enemy belongs to the SRO, the enemy belongs to SAI is mainly dressed in the equipment of modern design. Basically they have a long distance attack, such as a gunshot or grenade, and the approaching attacks will be made close attacks.

Besides that, a slightly robust enemy such as the sticky and the shield. They have an armored gauge in addition to physical strength gauges, and first do not cut off it without scrapping. Besides, the proximity attack is strong and one-shot damage is quite large.

Therefore, while the player changes properly, it is good to hit the opponent s movement at once when the movement of the other party is dull, while changing the positioning properly.

Ancient soldier

Because of the distortion of local space-time by black holes, the phase (?) Of the map is often deviated in the space where the ancient soldiers are walking. Naturally, it is natural, but they will attack the Sea who suddenly appeared in the space. Since the attack by weapons such as shields and swords, swords, and bows is heavy damage, let s cope with care for positioning as well as the SAI soldier partner.

Also, some ancient soldiers appear as a medium boss position set high. It is careful because it can be a fatal wound if you get caught up by the degree of difficulty.

Paradox existence (?)

When an ancient soldier appeared, he understood whether it was caught up in a local time slip! However, it rushed into a battle, but if it is clearly transcending it, What does it mean...... And despair is overwhelmed.

They appear as bosses, and the combat power is a handful person that is not as comparable to the previous fish enemies. However, since there is a gap for its action pattern, it may be better to repeat the battle of one shot while moving around the map without loosening the attack hand.

in conclusion

It is an alleged so far, but if it is a strong and difficulty in this work, there is only one game save. For example, suppose that there is progress of currently playing the scene 4 by clearing in order with scenes 1, 2, 3. Therefore, when you started scene 2 I want to play that battle again, the progress has been reset, and after 3 and 4 above, the situation is to try again.

At the same time, I can not hide the surprise in the fact that high-quality finished and high quality titles were made by individual developers. Anyway, how is it to look at the high-speed action FPS and enjoy a refreshing play experience with the FPS?

Title: Bright Memory: Infinite Compatible models: PC (Windows) / will be delivered even in Xbox Series X / S in the future Play model in articles: PC (Windows) Release Date: November 12, 2021 Author play time for article writing: 2.5 hours Price: ¥1,980 yen


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