Overseas sales decline, Com2us 3Q09 sales from 11.8%

Com2us has conducted a performance announcement on the 10th and 3Q101.

In the third quarter of 2021, Com2us sales and operating profit, net profit of W113.1bn, W113.1bn and W113.1bn, respectively. Sales and operating profit fell 11.8% YoY and 51% YoY. The two indicators decreased by the main game, including the Summer Nourish series, due to the non-dismissal season. Conversely, net profit rose 226.7%. We have achieved the value of the most recent company s value and earnest net profit in the value rise and foreign exchange profits, including the recently invested companies.

In terms of sales by region, overseas sales in 3Q09, 83.8 billion won, which is 74%, Domestic sales rose by 15% YoY, but overseas sales fell 18.5% YoY to 18.5% year-on-year. In particular, sales of North America, which were 45 billion won in the third quarter of last year, reduced to W35.9bn.

International Sale Of Goods Contracts – The Seller’s Obligations - ACCA LW Global In recent years, Com2us is actively investing in domestic and overseas promising companies leading to block and metabus sector such as Warwick Studio, Anika Brands, Candy Digital, and Sandboxes, and internally in internally, The paradigm of the future contents industry is praying to prepare. In particular, it is planning to apply the P2E game market, which is a blockchain system, which is expected to be released in 2022.


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