Odin, Korea Game Grand Prize Target... I swept six Cacao Games

This 2021 accounted for the honor of the subject in the Korean game target.

The Lion Heart Studio developed, and the Cacao Games published by the Cacao Games, and the Personnel, including the target, technology, creative graphics, start-up, and excellent developers, including the target of this target. Publisher Cacao Games was added to the fourth official of , and the was awarded in six sectors as it accounts for excellence and popular game.

Today (17th) held today (17th) in Susan CNN Theater, 2021 Korea Game Grand Prize, <Odin: Foot Laser, <Cookie Run: King, , , Various games, etc., have renamed awarded award.

Kim Boo-jun, who won the opening ceremony through the video, said, Everyone is a Korean drama, a movie, a song, and a game of 65% of the content export, said, It is a game that is a game that has a good story. You can do it. The government will have a variety of support for game ecosystems such as manpower and business support, and overseas advance.

2021 Republic of Korea Games Indie Game Award Developed by Ind ital Bar Interactive <Mother Solo: When anyone is born, Solo The, a popular game, is the name of this name, I was awarded.

The Best Award was selected for the <Cookie Run: Kingdom of Devs Sisters. Lee Fungi, If we love games on ourselves, they seem to be here by faith that they will be apparent. I had a testimony.

9 NEW Cookie Run Kingdom Codes!!! Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon Codes 2021 <Odin: Lion Heart Studio, awarded to the Target, said, It is possible because there was a suffering member, It is said, I always try to make a more developing game.

2021 The Korean game targets have been conducted on 17 areas of the total of 10 sectors, and the Best Prime Minister, the President of the President, and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, has a prize of KRW 15 million and 10 million won, respectively.

Below is a list of 2021 Korea Games Award Winner.


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